The gnostic collective consciousness and our abstraction during life.

An explanation by Richard K. Page, 

Author of Exploring the Divine and Exegesis of Lucifer.

I would like to explain to you my approach to the consciousness as an individual and as God in the gnostic Luciferian sense.

If you have come to this page from an alternative faith I would like to clarify some misconceptions about aspects of gnostic Luciferian beliefs,
If you are Luciferian, please bear with the more conventional pre-amble which is intended to make the structure more familiar with the Abrahamic faiths as the document is as much for them to understand us, as it is for us to enhance our spiritual understanding.
If you read this with concepts of all luciferians being anti-god/devil worshipers, then you are completely forgiven for your misconceptions, as in all belief systems we too have our divisions in methods of worship under a single umbrella. Like your own, they do not always reflect our personal view of our beliefs, some are completely contrary, Luciferianism is divided into many aspects of belief, some are gnostic and believers in a larger god concept, such as I, others are Atheists, Agnostic and Self-Deific (the more common element).

You should know that it has been an active policy for many years for almost all faiths to accuse alternate faiths to be “evil” and contrary to humanities relationship with God or Nature. We in traditional faiths are told Lucifer is The Devil and The Devil is responsible for all the earths’ aliments from a very early age. When viewed from the opposite side of the coin, we see Christianity for example as a mechanism for slavery and control and react in disgust at some of the actions of people claiming their actions in the name of your God, actions such as murders, priests who molest children, but we understand how the majority of you do not think this represents your faith, because on reflection it does not.
Currently the Islamic faith is the subject of media demonization as terrorists attacks occur for political motivation around the world. Muslims are being demonised by the popular media as being representative of the kind of person who would do this. The sensible and enlightened people realise that this to is a subset of the whole and not representative of the vast majority of wonderful and peaceful islamic faith.

It is also true that some people are attracted to an identity they wear under the banner of Lucifer for just such reasons, as they reject and rebel against indoctrination of their geographically attributed faith. If you are rational then you must accept that the faith that you are initially identified with is not through free choice, but is simply as a result of the geographical location or country that you were born or raised in. Had you have been born elsewhere then realistically you most likely would have been an entirely different religion if religious at all, I was born in the UK and so brought up in a mainly Christian and protestant subset of liberal christianity.

But think about that for a while longer, that which you hold most dear, and that which you may believe your immortal soul and salvation for all of eternity will depend upon, was most likely a result of geographical birth locale, and not that of reason or truth. I guess if you choose to believe that despite this is is absolutely the correct one, then you were just lucky to get the right one.

You are asked by your peers,to have faith, a faith which cannot be confirmed until it is too late if you get it wrong. Worse than that, they tell you that to even question the validity of this faith is seen as a sin by almighty god.
Yet secretly you have questioned your faith, at some point, or some tragedy or only in a moments reflection which may lead you to reject all faith entirely. And who can blame you, because you are reasonable, that is what seperates man from the beast, it is our ability to reason.
While you may feel guilt or liberation depending on your choices during this soul searching, we always question “Have I made the right choice?”. This is human nature.

And what if your religion is the correct one, and you were right to hold that faith,  is that really fair on another human being? A being who is a child of man and ultimately a creation of our very own God? Is it fair that the child be born, innocently into an area where the correct religion is not taught, or is enforced by extreme fundamental laws which are so insecure that they will murder anyone who is not of their faith? Or is it even fair in the microcosmic family sense where the correct faith is not even adopted by our parents, and the child of God will have little or no chance of exposure to the truth and the light.. Is that fair? Is that how your god would work?

I don’t believe so, and likewise I believe a  true omnipotent and omnipresent god would only judge us on our personal merits, the merits he gave us under free will as a good and faithful servant of love, peace and fellowship, surely not on the geographical circumstances of your creation at his own hands.

We all speak different languages, and God like you has a different name in each of these languages, simply God, Allah, El, Jahova, a monotheistic god is “the one god”. Language and accent will mean God has many names, but is and always will be the one true god. Likewise God may have many prophets who teach his good word, or at least to preach the moral standards that mankind should listen too if only to share the common goal that good men and women who wish nothing but peace and love and harmony should practice.

I hope you will agree with me that this is where we find that it can only be man himself that has corrupted the words of these holy prophets, and what we see in this day and age is hatred amongst men due to this corruption and intentional division of ways of believing what ultimately can only be one truth. Yet despite this people with good hearts across all faiths will still see the truth and love woven between the political and selfish aspects that have taken place in the past and as individuals we accept that we need to learn to do better, creating a greater unity and appreciation of differences rather than fear and hatred.

Gnostic Luciferian philosophy is similarly a victim of this policy, as a gnostic Luciferian I assure you we do not worship an maleficent entity you would call a devil, we do not perceive Lucifer as an entity, person, demon or angel, but more a principle of wisdom represented by many wise and reasonable deific historical archetypes Sophia, Azazel, even The Bible’s own Solomon, under a generic umbrella we call Lucifer, the Bringer of Light, and Son of the Morning.
We believe that the name Luciferian is simply an iconic name based on the concept of bringing enlightenment to others and particularly to ourselves. We do this in the same way companies often use mythological Gods as emblems for that which they hope to represent. As an example, the sportswear company Nike is named after the Greek Goddess of victory, the name is apt to the concepts of the company and so it is not only a brand name, but also an icon of their goals, a single word mission statement. You would not assume that the company Nike were devil worshipers, despite this association with a “competing” goddess?

Lucifer questioned authority and establishment, Lucifer represents the empowerment of the self and our abilities to create a subjective universe using the freewill that we are divinely granted, if it was against an omnipotent gods will then it simply could not have happened.

One of the corruptions I believe we all are subject to is the very narrow-minded ideologies of what God actually is. When you read the hermetic texts or even in their modern forms there is this air of unfamiliarity with reality which is not confined to one faith or religion but them all, we find it difficult to resolve the ancient worlds wisdoms in our modern world, generations apart, yet somehow we all feel a reverence that some truth is there, but still we often feel that we cannot quite grasp it and we must look beyond the text to find the truth, looking for wisdom within, finding the wisdom within is a luciferian concept and our ultimate goal, not evil, not doing harm, quite the opposite, making ourselves great and equal to what you perceive as god. Omnipresent and omnipotent, God is apparently “everywhere” and “all powerful”, yet he allows evil to happen, he lets children die before they get chance to live or even if you think that the child’s death means that the innocent and good are returned to his house, sometimes it is only after the sufferings of life which can be cruel, and so often we hear the question “if there is a god how can he allow this to happen”  this serves as a justification for people wishing to deny an existence of the God figure, and with conventional beliefs, that is completely understandable because we are wrongly told that God is almost like a human looking down on us, we are told we are created in his images, so we perceive a man like figure.

Although this is a simplistic and easily identifiable interpretation of what the hermetic texts portrayed God as, the truth is slightly more metaphysical, but still is consistent with these simplistic principles if you read them correctly. Gnosticism is that truth as alluded to in these hermetic texts, and part of Luciferianism is to seek the revelation of it, and the revelation in all this texts is most importantly who we are and who or what our version of God is.

The reason that it is so poorly understood is not because what is written is complete nonsense, but rather our attempts to manifest God as an image of ourselves that creates the nonsense, we should, instead be manifesting ourselves as God.

Our misunderstanding of these pieces of advice derives from the fact that they were written both in another language and in an ancient form of that language, add to that the idea that they have been translated poorly, and that have been corrupted by men, albeit some with the best of intention towards spreading the knowledge, but also with some with not so good intentions.

Despite this, what I am now going to explain to you is the ancient gnostic version what God actually is and how we relate to him physically and spiritualy, and it doesn’t matter what religion you subscribe to.
If you wish to continue to believe that your version of it is the correct one, you must also agree that it is your duty to find the truth as close to the source of the scripture from its earliest intent, rather than one manipulated by the politics of Kings and Popes from the 4th to 18th Century.

If you have doubt on my words, then all I ask is go find the source yourself, by any path you like, your own church even, just stop listening to Evangelists and those seeking power or profit, simply go to somewhere with source information and not someone’s interpretation of it,at least go look, you owe it to yourself.
If you are happy that no attempt to corrupt you has yet been made then please read on. My intention is only to expand your concepts not to direct them, I swear,
I am not trying to corrupt, entirely the opposite is true, I only wish to correct the historic corruption of faith.

Even being contemporary to you I will still struggle to explain it in real terms the concepts of what I speak, shortly after this more direct explanation I will give you an analogy that has not undergone poor translation and once you understand it, all the other Gnostic concepts even those that exist in your pre-existing faith will fall into place and be clearer I hope when you re-read your scriptures it will make more sense when viewed in this nature.

Firstly, Imagine God and the universe are one, not just spiritually but scientifically and physically, Imagine God, not a god looking down on the universe or the world, nor is it a universe with a god in it, but they are one thing, one body, one entity. Everything you see is a physical part of god, just like a blood cell is within you, we and all we see are inside god.

If everything you see is a physical part of God, then you too are a physical part of god, like that blood cell is one of the components of you, your body is Gods body, your thoughts are Gods thoughts.

But like the blood cell is a component that makes what is essentially “you”, you are not all of god and your thoughts are not all of God’s thoughts, your thoughts are a part of a collective consciousness of god. The collective conciousness that drives evolution, that is the inteligence of what decides that by developing a second eye we will have concepts of dimensional distance, that by butterflys growing spots on their wings they will look like eyes and scare off predators. This is not a concious decision by the individual, or by the species, but the collective conciousness of God.

When we ask “if there is a god, why does he allow this to happen when tragedies occur” we really should say “why do we allow this to happen”, we have been given free will and we are masters of all extents of the universe within our reach. We are Gods physical hands on this earth.

When whatever holy book claims that a prophet was a son or direct messenger of God, it is because we all are a son or prophet of god, if we awaken to this concept and spread the word to each other so that we all become aware of who we are, then we will find inner peace, first by creating it within us, then by sharing it to others as a communal sense of peace. Inner peace is not purely something for our individual self, it is that peace that we are attempting to bring to holistic notion of God. Oneness and being a part of God. The word “Divine” which is rooted in Latin and meaning “being Godlike or related to god” is also rooted from “div” as in divide, to split, like a tree vine di-vine, it represents the distribution of god into multiple parts, we are a part of the divine.

Does that sound tile the teachings of a devil? Or is that something you believe your prophet would say?

We are already divided as men, yet in unity we form a greater part of God, because only in unity amongst other mankind is God truly unified and whole.

Gods greatest gift is our continuation through love and through our children, it is given that the unity between man and woman is the creation of life and so a blessing and symbol of the miracle that love can create, unity of the parts is the purest form of love and it doesn’t matter what your version of your faith chooses to call him, keep his name, identify yourself as whatever faith you want…these are simply names, but realise that your fellow man is not the adversary, we are all the acting like the adversary until we unite in love peace and acceptance of our subtle differences. Love ourselves, love each other and bring peace to ourselves in the glory of God.

The analogy of Collective consciousness.

To better explain the collective consciousness I must resort to an analogy, I wish you to envisage the above mentioned universe as the sea since it is easier to create a boundary within our minds than envision the universe, the sea is more than just a body of water, the sea is made up of all that is contained within it, the fish, the plankton, and the whales, even the salt.

Imagine that the liquid portion of the sea is Gods collective consciousness, it ebbs and flows and allows the creation of all it is within itself, all the creatures of the sea, plankton, rocks, crustaceans, amoebas, the life are all one entity, collectively known as the sea.

In life we manifest physical attributes and our consciousness is taken from the water of that provision from sea,  in the miracle of love and the ceremony of sexual union we perform the fundamental ritual of Gods spell of unity between two opposing elements, this ritual magic calls the universal atoms that form our boundaries and the spirit of our consciousness into being, much like reaching into the water with a cup, we take away a small part of that sea and the essence of consciousness then continues to attract the atoms that from our container, our physical body for the duration of our physical life.

The sea is still the water that formed the consciousness of god, yet isolated from the collective sea itself, it no longer shares in the larger universal understanding of who it is.

It becomes still, not moved by the ebbs and flows of the oceanic drift. It is isolate in the same way for our time, we are isolate from God. In life this is what we become, completely forgetting our divine origins, we our bound by physical extremities which we call our body. Yet in becoming separate from the sea, we develop identity, the larger picture of the infinite self is temporarily lost and confined to a subjective consciousness observing the sea from within, yet abstract.

To our advantage we gain self-realisation, we are no longer one, but one of many. And the stagnation and separation from the collective means an advanced pace of recognition of our environment. The consciousness that is infinite is also diluted by itself in its infinity. This gift of life is god exploring himself through you and you have a duty to love yourself, exemplify yourself to yourself by realising that your fellow man is another instance of yourself. Use this life to lead them in wisdom, knowledge and the divine truth.

When we as Gnostic Luciferians claim to be god, it is not born of ego, it is acting on behalf of God who we have accepted is within us as we are within him. As above – So below.

I hope that I have done that to you, for you are me, brother, sister, daughter, mother, son and my God. If you have enjoyed this and would like to know more, please buy one of my books which are available on Amazon and Createspace.
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Posted 12th January 2016 by Richard Page

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