The fire that burns – Free will, blessing or curse?

The subjective mind of the Luciferian, questions all around him. He questions the influences on his present state of consciousness and attempts to be objective, but there is no true state of objectivity possible. 

One cannot be objective when one realises that we are all subject to the influence of an entire universe worth of external ebbs and flows that combine to present reality presented in this particular place and time, where one’s spiritual self is contained within the objective self.

I understand that all I have acquired as knowledge arrived unto me as is a result of external forces at a base level of cosmic serendipity, and personally developed influences from education, religion, social-political landscape, nurture, not to mention the physical laws of our universe as it is presented natural history.

What if the increasingly popular concept of Luciferianism as a growing state in today’s establishment is as the result of programming designed to make the ego merely believe he is being objective, but in truth, his entire viewpoint is an intentional manipulation from a greater embodiment of a master society?

I have always tried to reverse logic. All our universal laws hold water if they are exactly inverted from their subjective origin. “What is up, is down”, is often expressed, but rarely understood by people on its deeper esoteric level. For the most it simply represents an inversion of the current status quo, existentially it relates to the fluvial inversion of perception that at no stage is a finality, it is more a description of cyclic transition. 

“As above, so shall it be below”, we are stepping entirely through the looking glass.

But a universal law inversion only works because all the components that bring me to where I am today have dictated on a subconscious level that they hold water. We seemingly share the whole a collective experience of physical laws, and what we perceive is a shared universal history. Morimmediatete than this we share access to the same time period, media, publications, internet and a Babylonic library of world facts that the internet presents to us as true. but can we trust any of  these sources?

Collectively all our understanding of history that brings us to this contemporary universe form themselves a house of cards, whose foundations support each other,layered upon layer, and if one falls, it only falls because we have now presented a subjectively stronger card in its place. until validation satisfies us, we allow any old nonsense to pass as reality until that “something stronger” comes along. This is how weak our reality ‘really’ is.

As a theoretical result, I may only classify myself as Luciferian, one imbued with free will, because my manipulator may have given me an array of historical data that my collective decisions have been founded upon, and I perceive that as my own free will. That being true the cards are literally stacked.

I, some time back posed the question that the free will and consciousness deemed to be “enlightenment” or the Promethean fire, which these “occult gnosis” source-books suggest the were gifts of the serpent, “Lucifer/Prometheus/Satan” was an altruistic act of the blessed benefactor, rebelling against an ordination and design of the almighty G-.  
Upon giving us potentially the illusion of free will, and by himself orchestrating the world and its unfolding existence before us, he could also very easily orchestrate his claim to the throne of my crown by manipulation of all the media that presents itself to us to date.

What if, the satanic nature and gift of fire, possibly was not the blessing we perceive it to be? 
The metaphoric bliss which was described as the garden of Eden was destroyed by the realisation of self-awareness. And that consciousness which is sometimes referred to as Pandora’s box, opening up the evils of the world are defining knowledge as a curse, rather than a blessing, and thanks to G- we existed in a perpetual world of ignorance.

Maybe on reflection, the offering of the god that kept us ignorant was not as malignant as we perceived. 

Immediately our ego rejects this notion and the defence of Yesod is painful and infuriating to the LHP occultist, Luciferian or Satanist, call him(us) what you like. 

Maybe this rejection isn’t even from the ego, but from the superego which is a construct of the manipulative devil?
At a certain level of enlightenment, you will come to these questions. 

If Satan was truly evil, intent on the destruction or claim to all of our souls, would it not easily be within his power to dangle what we believe is free will on the stick, praising him for being the benefactor of our wisdom and leading us to believe that even the praise would be our choosing?

Another possibility is that our objective history is only a subjective collection of experiences that we imagine occurred before our conception. What if our subjective universe literally only came about at the point of our personal inception. A creation like the Big-Bang, but instead of beginning billions of years ago, very far away, as we imagine and externalise our-self from the event, it actually began with us, and expanded back out into time, creating a pre-birth history that is unique to the individual. A single, lone, solitary divine God himself. A premise through which I can declare I(or any of you) are God!

This version of universal history was never there before we began, and that we truly are God, beginning in the void of nothing, and expanding out into all dimensions from our self-centered universe. Like the pebble tossed into the still pond. History including a reality which included our ancestors would expand out behind us at the same rate the unseen future unfolded ahead of us.

We could argue, Experience tells us that it is a shared experience and so that gives us cause to dismiss, but in a purely solipsistic sense, again the collective whome we think shares this experience, would also be created at the point of our inception. The ripples of time, space, dimensions, would work equally backwards from that point as it would forward, our linear perception of time and discovery only seemingly allows for a forward motion from our objective view. But subjectively these ripples of existence expanding out from us would create discoveries going further and further in the past, reinforcing a reality that never truly existed, and subjectively the past never existed until we perceive its presence. A ten-billion-year-old winged human, would come into exitance and create our subjective perception of history, only when we see the fossils of a ten-billion-year-old winged man. Until then he doesn’t exist. Like Quantum states, seemingly reality exists only once observed.

This realisation, brings with it that we truly are the centre of our universe in both time, location and perspective, which is the first law of subjectiveness.

And if we are the centre of a universe, then either, 

i.  All other consciousness (people) are created by us.
ii. All others are us, expressing themselves as separate aspects of our godlike psyche. 

In this second unified-polythiesm of one soul, existing as all souls and experiencing alternate aspects of himself,  we must create the enemy within ourselves, and the evils of the world are an expression of our personal anger and warfare against ourselves.

This being the case we have an opportunity at this point in our lives to mentally challenge our entire universe, which means we challenge existence itself to be rewritten according to our will as we observe change by creating the harmony as observation for the future. 

If that is what is truly our will. At which point we can only return to, what is our will?

Do we truly desire harmony, peace and love? 

Regardless of your background, life in harmony can be the only desire of any individual whether they seek it on a personal or extended level.

If our truest desire is to bring about a universal state of absolute harmony, then surely we seek to return to the ignorant garden of Eden offered by the God of the Old Testament, and to the rejection of the Pandora’s box of free will, which was brought about by the serpent and all I believe to be beneficial to mankind.

Ironically, rejecting the gift of free will can only be expressed in an act of free will. Ergo our eternal conflict of the good and evil within ourselves remains eternal and cyclic.

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