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Taurean Sunset A painting from 2015 by occult author Richard K. Page.

The 36″ x  24″ Mixed media painting is on canvas.

Taurean Sunset is based on the Eliphas Levi ‘s depiction of the Baphomet, which commonly has the Aries Godhead or Goat of Mendes appearance so often used to depict devilish symbolism. contrary to its modern depiction, in previous astrological ages these Godheads actually represented the more “holy” and contemporary religious imagery such as we see today with the crucifix. Refrences to Astrological godheads are still listed in books such as the bible, and revered as aspects of the current godhead “christ”, an example to the previous arian godhead as christ is exposed by uses of titles such as “the Lamb of God” or “the shepherd of men” these references representing the observed godhead from the age of Aries which was approximately 2000BC to the Year 0AD when we entered into the age of Pisces, the fish and Jesus as he is now called became “the fisher of men”.

Pisces, is more commonly interpreted today as the Christian doctrine, Jesus and Christianity is often represented by the fish symbol seen often on the back of christian cars.
Somewhat Ironic that these are exactly the kind of people to declare pagan beliefs as unpleasant devil worship, not realising that their fish symbol is an inherited Pagan astrological precession that their entire religion is formed upon.

Each time we pass an astrological revolution the new archetype of that aeon adopts also his predecessors attributes, historically common practice for pharaohs and kings.
Jesus is an evolution of Horus (the Horse, our current astrological calendar does not include a horse constellation, because the horse crosses every constellation as the Sun(Son), think about it…Horus-scope).

The Son of Man/God archetype we currently know as Jesus has had a different name for each astrological age. He simply represents the concept of a God is made physical, a child of god and human, and is one of many figures that are “demigods” across many cultures belief systems.
And, our most well known one was given the name “Jesus” this time around in the western world, but is simply a tale that predates all written evidence.
Each astrological age this archetypal character is given a new character embodiment of that age, and sadly for the Christians this Piscean era is coming to an end as we enter the Age of Aquarius, the “Wave Bearer” *note not water bearer.
Jesus’s predecessor Moses, was the Jesus character for the age of Taurus, the Bull. And historically is depicted with horns due to this translation.

“And when Moses came down from the Mount Sinai, he held the two tables of the testimony, and he knew not that his face was horned from the conversation of the Lord. And Aaron and the children of Israel seeing the face of Moses horned, were afraid to come near.” (Exodus 34:29–30, D-R).

Christian apologist scholars will claim this is a latin vulgate mistranslation, but Mount Sinai is an astrological measure of amplitude of a wave, and is the same root as we get the word “Sin” as in sine-wave.
The ascension and descension of the mountains, were representations of the completion of a astrological cycle. It presented a time of transition, apocalypse and completion of a celestial cycle, the turmoil which is later perceived as a period of disruption, evil and “sin”. With the summit of the wave being the top of mount Sinia where the new archetype brings down new laws. Ius,(pronounced Jus) is the Roman/Latin word for law.  The new Ius, will come into effect each astrological age as the archetype comes down from the mountain, bringing in the new understanding (laws) of the age.

The horns of moses are a result of his two previous incarnations, Aries the Ram, and Taurus the Bull.
Similarly by inheritance, Jesus should have horns too, but he didnt get them, maybe it is because fish don’t have horns, but most likely because some of the understanding of this original astrological meaning has been lost with the literalists translations, and fear in which the literalist interpretation has been forced by punishment of death, to anybody who historically rejected the catholic doctrine. Depite this, some tempered references remain to his crown, corona which is often associated with the Suns rays, one of the supposed mistranslations of the biblical “Horns of Moses” suggest that it was St. Jerome who mistranslated “rays of the skin” to horns for moses.
The crown of thorns attributed to jesus (t-horns) can be interpreted as many horns in a similar way. Horns was used originaly to detract from the truth that this solar desc

In the time, Moses’s or God’s laws (or Bull’s) formed the ten commandments. In the old Testament (testos-ment) Testos being a hor(us)mone present in the creation of life for both men and women. Bull also means an official document, we get the word Bulletin, Bulls are often written by Kings or more commonly the Pope and sealed with a stamp called the “bulla” which puts these things into papal law. These concepts are more commonly handed down from the Abrahamic (father ram) religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism in the western world, this is why the christians honour the law of the “Bi-Bull”, whereas the Jewish reject the newer “new tes-toro-nement” and remain with the older TOR-ah,  but if you know what to look for you will find this syncretism in all belief systems, including pagan.

Before the Bull or Torean god, were the twins, two fighting brothers which appear in fables that are at the heart of all religious and spiritual legends across the world. One sibling is always favoured by their father,god or master. becomes jealous and usually kills the goodly one in an act of spite or vengeance, assumes a disguise and maybe rapes a wife in disguise as his brother. Cain and Abel, Odin and Loki, the Two wolves, Set and Osiris, joseph and his dreamcoat are all representations of the sibling rivalry concept. This legend dates back to the Age of Gemini. The sibling concept is explored across many cultures in the book Exegesis of Lucifer

Each Aeon or astrological age, simply builds upon the previous one, merging stories together.

From 2,000AD to 4,000AD (give or take) we are entering the Age of Aquarius, whether you like it or not, it is going to happen, and there will be the Apocalypse, not to be confused with Armageddon, apocalypse simply means completion and renewal of the cycle, which means the new age of spiritual awakening.

It should be seen as a very positive thing where we evolve as a species putting behind us older understandings of our place in the universe, but not necessarily a rejection of any God, it means God himself evolves by our understanding of what “God” is.

I believe it is an end of the beardy judgemental guy who sets us against each other and we all must follow him or suffer eternal damnation, and god will be viewed more scientifically, as a greater universal biosphere of which we are all a part.

I believe this will be lead by “the Luciferian” movement. who will seek all knowledge, realise the God within the self, where we are a physical manifestation of that great universal conciousness. This will be the age of the “Wave bearer” or “Light Bearer” as the dawn of the Gravitational wave* heralds in the dawn of the new Aeon.

*note the associations with aquarius as “the wave bearer” rather than the water bearer has been published in my books predating the confirmation of gravitational waves and is not simply an association I have made to fit new developments.

The Painting, which features in the book Luciferianism: AlterEgo, shows an earlier aspect of the symbolism of these ages, the Torean Godhead.

The bull represents law, the colour scheme phases from a raised right hand, representing the male spiritual father, raised, know as “As Above” the colour is blue, a material colour which normally would be present on the lower left hand. The words Sophia is written in greek, representing wisdom, the ultimate goal of the Luciferian.  The colour order reversed to represent the apocalyptic nature of this Janal gateway, the dawn of Aquarius, or any spiritual revolution. The right hand is raised as a recognition of a higher self. Your higher self may be an internal or external entity.

The left hand red, bringing the spirit flow, down into the material feminine aspects, the birth mother, the material and quantifiable self and universe. The word Carnale, meaning of flesh, the child of the God spirit is birthed in flesh, we are all of two parts, spirit and flesh, all is spirit or/and matter, the infusion of the two is life in both a conscious sense or a observational sense. Matter after all is energy, E=Mc2. Carnality as an act becomes an alchemical union of self.

When a member of mankind attempts to become overly spiritual, he fails in humanity, when a member of mankind becomes overly carnal, he also fails in humanity. The solution is obvious. we find harmony by accepting the self, and all that we are, equally spirit and body.

The sun over the earth at the feet of the creature represents the polarised hermetic principle  of the fire/air elements higher in order than the water/earth. The hooves one rounded and one squared, hints at the mathematical constants Pi, the unending resistance of a digital crystalised square, an unchanging history formed in a temporal eternity, against the circle, an immeasurable and analogous, cycle of variance which can never be absolutely squared.

On the back of the original painting is further hidden secrets of our existence. I’ll leave that for future generations.

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