This is the book that really got me noticed in the Luciferian circles, and it was my first book where I identify as a Luciferian myself.

To this day it remains my best selling book, with 51 ratings and consistent five star reviews. If you’re going to start anywhere, this is the book to buy, although it has now been compiled into the greater anthology, simply called the Luciferian available on paper back, for cheaper than the three books it contains can be bought separately. Or if you’re smart you will contact me for one of the 72 limited edition copies of the signed hardback. because you know these occult books become incredibly profitable when the run expires.

The book teaches you the wisdom of wisdom, the philosophy of the Luciferian and how this can help you to identify the actions that separate the cream from the coffee. You see Luciferians are often described as some sort of elitists club, who manipulate the corridors of power to help their friends. when this couldn’t be further from the truth. While that definitely happens, its not a big “Luciferian Club” but a nature of man which by being able to identify manipulations and societal structures designed to hold the common man down, we can exclude ourselves from those trappings, therefore the Luciferian can excel in all their endeavours, and rise to the top under their own mechanisms.

This societal framework is instilled in us from school, but we all have the opportunity to break the cycle. The book explains and examples these manipulations.

For example, you are taught that success comes from hard work, that’s simply not true. the harder you work, the more you conform and fit into a system which will keep you in that role. Or let me put it like this, you believe that if you take out a mortgage, buy a “first time buyers” house, you get your foot on the property ladder, by the time you retire you will have upgraded, selling your basic home, adding bedrooms and renewing a mortgage. all that does is keeps you purposefully in debt till you retire. but think of this, if you rent a home you pay approximately 1/3rd more per month than the mortgage would be if you were to buy it, yes?

so why would you sell it at todays market rate as payment towards your next home? If you rent it out, it will pay a mortgage that covers a home already 1/3rd more valuable than itself, and at the end of the term you would own two homes, without touching your income to pay for the second one. Both worth a lot more than the price you would have sold for way back when you moved between home one and two…but that’s not what your supposed to do is it?

This book teaches you how to be objective, see the manipulations and trappings that keep you in the working class. You don’t have to follow a Luciferian path to benefit from Luciferian mindsets. You could consider AlterEgo a self help book.

Introduction 1
Luciferianism – Alter Ego. 17
Philosophical Trinity 19
Realism 22
Supernaturalism 29
Idealism – Luciferianism, Metaphysical. 41
The Universal consciousness 46
Metamorphosis to Success. 58
Self-Empowerment by course of Realism 59
Materialism, Wealth Creation 64
Identifying your chains 79
Establishing your domain, Spheres of influence. 111
Achievement and success 114
Self-Empowerment by course of Supernaturalism 123
Self-Empowerment by course of Idealism 168
Final Metamorphosis 172