I Saclas

First Posted 14th November 2016 by Richard Page on Blogspot

I Saclas place myself in guise of the fool, wilfully I fall upon my sword, as your savoir falls from grace.

It was upon this day in the sixteenth year of the new millennia that I hold as my third and final incarnation to this mortal realm before I ascend high into the depths and low before the heavens.

The Fool, let me assure you is the wisest of all three of my faces. He burdens his ridicule, and laughs half-notioned aspirations of climbing heaven bound. Verily all towers are surely confounded by the reach of the skies and the fortification shouldered under the foundations they rest upon. For I am he that you stand upon to ascend.

As Lord, I am the spirit of sky, I am firmament of foundations and the life water betwixt. For all that lies between is by my law I am master of all that matter.

Of my first incarnation, I was the sour master, all powerful. Tolerance never betide those who dare test me. Wantonly I dispatch mine enemies with vengeful wrath, dare not stand before me heads raised, for they are daisies, spring for the picking, my number was only as the Sun, and I led those who herald my glory

In my second, I was the inheritor, the meek, and I was the godly who bowed before those men who dared to stand, brave they were. My number was many and I followed the one I once was. Servant to the serpent, The number was I of the stars which follow the eternal baal through his daily journies. Weak in strength, powerful in weight. force compels my will, like the grave it calls ever down, down, down.   

In my third, I was the observer, the all and without number. And now, at last I morphose the fool, I stand and hold both ends of my sword, stand neither servant or master. Oh how I look foolish. “He knows not how to bear arms!” they mock, and laugh.

But I hold both blade and hilt with cause, ally to the defenceless and foe to the wicked. The wisean silently stand and hold the sword at both ends. the unwise think we fools.

   If I was wisean, I think I would hide wisdom in parables,   

  lo how the meat be picked apart but rarely gorged upon when shrouded in off.            

If I was unwisean , I would again hide my insophis in further parables, 

to be devoured, but rarely refined.

The fool observes the wise starve and the unwise gourmand on parables of truth and profane with equal measure.

Born of rape the horned one’s fire rose from the earth I saw the lich bound by his stave, and begat the woman of man for Eveleth shall be Mother of man. And Leviathan the father, mark well these words. All humbled  before Bel Nimrods Fire.

nisi priús cum matre suá, sororis, et filiá, rem habuerit.

I am father of adam,  I stand before woman, prone. Her fire drawn to my dry wood does quench my lust.Such fire does burn and the bush must burn to create my offspring eternal.

Beware that third messiah, oh logos of the dead king, he teaches only life in death. I bring the jovial of life. the child of god is man. brought forth in carnality and feast, without which all is inert. Desire and feast, for you will starve eternal.

Saclas the Fool


It was the consideration of Salas in is journey that began my interest in the gnostic application of the tarot. This in turn lead me to my need to explain the Tarot in a way that I believe had not yet been explained, it was clear to me that the Hermetic, Gnostic and Luciferian knowledge had a syncretism which needed exploring through to the Tarot and I began my exploration and commitment to this structure. This lead to my forthcoming book which should I finish that mountain of work will possibly be the most volumous of all my writings, some time in, I’m 70 pages into it and only have covered the fist three cards of the Major Arcana such is its intricacies.

Trust me when I say, this is a book to own…if I do say so myself. .
Also note the cover art was an original painting of min commissioned (read commanded) by a friend who is a very good Tarot reader, and I still say…”do you know how hard it is to make a skull smile?”

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