Exploring the divine was a vent of thoughts and essays that had began forming in my head. It was my first ever book, and if you can forgive the lack of real form has some profound ideas which seek to merge the concepts of science and religion. My writing skills were in an early stage as I am the first to admit that I came from a very low quality education, I also suffer dyslexia. However this early cathartic writing released in me what later became my passion to explain myself.

As time passed some of my earlier opinions in this book have changed, but I think that simply shows how when one begins to journey into the nature of existence, not just from a theosophical point of view but a philosophical and cosmological and scientific point of view, we cannot help but grow.

You will find in this book some of my greatest concepts, some I firmly believe are ahead of their time, covering creation of the universe, dimensions, physics, to personal creation and the reality of oneself.


What is little known is that prior to the Amazon and create space publications of this which is in my standard size and format there were a couple of editions which don’t conform to my preferred publishing size for my occult books.

The first ever copy came as an author copy, with a plain white cover. I was so excited when I received it. My work in print, the down side was my complete misjudgement of the size which was about 5″ x 4″ which I have no idea why I thought that was a normal book size. some people kindly described it as “pocket sized” but pocket sized is not what you want for your opus magnum.
I then oversized it on the first Amazon run. I cant remember where that couple went. However, if you do come across one of the tiny copies of this book which were delivered straight to me. well they were the true first editions.

you can find this currently on amazon

Prologus 2
About facts. 2
Religion 5
The Age of Aquarius. 12
Symbols and Symbolism. 22
The symbol of life, understanding the symbol of life (Crux Ansata) 23
Versica Pisces 31
Pentagram 34
The Sword and the Challis 37
The Ankh 40
The Alpha and Omega 40
The Alpha (AM) 42
The OMEGA (I) 45
Set, Seth, Egyptian God of darkness. 50
Christianity 52
The formation of original words. 58
I-AM 69
Orienteering 76
Demonology 78
Collective consciousness. 81
The Aspects 82
Michael and Jehovah 88
Hell or “The Infernal Regions” 96
Magic & Rituals 97
Science 102
Creation 106
Two 107
Our Time 122
Human Time Perception 126
Movement in time 133
Teleportation 139
The Human Ark Project 143
The Big Bang 147
Gravity turned on its head, new theory. 152
Black Holes 162
The precession of the galaxy 172
Other Thoughts 178
Seventy Two 178
Do we live in a computer generated universe 181
Evolution 188
Evolution Vs Intelligent Design. 191
Considerations 194