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Yuletide Gre-eatings on the first Oél

Have yourself an Enlightened Yule. I would like to share some information on the tradition to the festive holiday’s holly-days by sharing some of the Druidic, Angel-Islands ancient and somewhat forgotten history with fellow Luciferians, Celts, Heathens and Pagans in general. Obviously given my personal view of reality it will have a slightly luciferian bias, but the […]

The gnostic collective consciousness and our abstraction during life.

An explanation by Richard K. Page,  Author of Exploring the Divine and Exegesis of Lucifer. I would like to explain to you my approach to the consciousness as an individual and as God in the gnostic Luciferian sense. If you have come to this page from an alternative faith I would like to clarify some […]

The fire that burns – Free will, blessing or curse?

The subjective mind of the Luciferian, questions all around him. He questions the influences on his present state of consciousness and attempts to be objective, but there is no true state of objectivity possible.  One cannot be objective when one realises that we are all subject to the influence of an entire universe worth of […]

Luciferianism’s relationship to Satanism.

Luciferianism’s relationship to Satanism. To start this discourse, there are two primary versions of Satan which we must define to distinguish between. The first is the pronoun ‘satan’ followed by the proper noun ‘Satan’ the aspect or entity. We start with the defining of satan by researching its original meaning. “Ha Satan” is an ancient […]

Altruism Vs Ego

As Luciferians we are often presented with the ideology of rejection of the ego. Personally I don’t subscribe to this wholly as I see even our questionable aspects of psychology as a prospect for channeling into a possitive part of our own nature. But I think this principle while often lauded is not examined as […]

I Saclas

First Posted 14th November 2016 by Richard Page on Blogspot I Saclas place myself in guise of the fool, wilfully I fall upon my sword, as your savoir falls from grace. It was upon this day in the sixteenth year of the new millennia that I hold as my third and final incarnation to this mortal realm before I […]

Taurean Sunset

This blog was originally posted Posted 18th October 2017 by Richard Page Location: Edinburgh, UK on Blogspot Taurean Sunset A painting from 2015 by occult author Richard K. Page. The 36″ x  24″ Mixed media painting is on canvas. Taurean Sunset is based on the Eliphas Levi ‘s depiction of the Baphomet, which commonly has the Aries Godhead or […]

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