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Human resource is redundant.

People are going to have to accept this fact very soon, yet the societal structure is still programming our children the way they programmed us.

You probably think a person should work for a living, contribute to society, have a job, give up their limited time on this earth so that their (your) reward is a reasonable standard of living, and that people who don’t conform to this standard, well they’re scroungers, wasters and losers who leach on the rest of society. If you do, well done you followed your programming.
The truth is, it’s all artificial. Its all bullshit, it’s all there to keep you a slave and you doff your cap and say “yes’um master, I’s a good little slave”, in a terrible cliche slavery black southern American voice. But, when you watch films about slavery, the natural instinct of your opinion is to support the freedom of escape from this system and you despise the “house slave” who accepts his slavery to the master as though its a privilege. but that’s you, you’re the house slave, you may think you’re the rebel, but your not!
We set a “breadline” of hardship for people who can’t work, don’t work, don’t want to work and say, you’re not contributing, you’re not sharing my wealth, you should be poor and suffer. the breadline is just a number we set, a bar to ensure the societal standard of “poor” exists, its a bit like the value of the £1, its just a number it makes no difference if it costs £1 for a bag of spuds or £100 as long as that bag of spuds remains a % of your total income, you would hope that if they did cost £100, that your income would be £5000 a day at least…its just a number. So why do we believe that people who don’t work should struggle? when you see poor people individually, your instinct is to help them if you can, yet your programming has told you as a collective they “should” suffer. Why? Why not have unemployed people, regardless of their reason, even if it is, they simply don’t want to work, have the same standard of living as a comfortably prosperous person. why not let them have a house, car, food in the cupboard and all their basic bills paid? what difference does it make to you?

The only bitterness derives from your programming and your claim to the fact “I worked hard for what I have, why should they have the same?”
Nobodies saying they should, you should have more! you should, as a person who does contribute to society have a hell of a lot more! let’s raise that bar, its only your programming to place yourself one bar above the poor, treading water. If all the poor owned a home, had a car, lived life the way we expect to as a successful working person, then the working person would by default have greater income, so your life would be the house, with the pool, with the Maserati, with the finer food, eating out every night, going to gigs and entertaining yourself more readily.

Who would pay for it you ask?
Again, your programming which is based on the narrow supply of wealth which comes from a master, source.
Do you know who has all the worlds money? non-existent corporate bank accounts, its horded in the name of a company, or many companies rather…doing nothing, except making an artificial entity which is the company, have a healthy bank account!
it’s a bit like giving all your money to fucking GOD! what the fuck is he going to do with money?

Money is fake, companies are fake….we are real and we work hard to make fake money for fake companies so we real people can live…WTF?
I am in the world of technology, I have been all my life and I can tell you that you are redundant! human labour is all but redundant, the only reason most jobs still exist, is because the generation running them is a little old-fashioned and thinks similarly to your way, but you had better wake the fuck up, because tech automation, which I work on is getting good…in fact it got good a while back, we’re just catching up.
humans are inefficient and fallible at tasks. there are very few people who do a job that I and people like me couldn’t automate with machinery and logic. So the number of people required to work is going to be around 5% of those working today. that means 95% of the working class people are going to be UNEMPLOYABLE. so you need to change the way you think, you should have a decent life, you should enjoy it as we get machinery and tech to do labour for us. but if humans are going to continue to thrive, we need to stop thinking of ourselves as slaves to a system, but the masters of it.

We are humans, all else is ours to enjoy, not to serve.