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Dante’s Question.

“Abandon hope all ye who enter here.”

What does that say to you my luminated one, are you worthy of entering the inferno?
Have you travelled to this gateway or have you stumbled here?

If you have stumbled here, then you cannot understand the content as your journey is incomplete.

For your journey has no shortcuts, it began at birth with no understanding and will end at death with the knowledge of all, like your journey each step is essential as you cannot age quicker by avoiding the years.

The destination is without question, the origin is also without question.
Conclusively therefore the only question is… Where are you now?

The journey or ‘your path’ is the purpose of self; and from the fool to the world-in-self, every footstep is a lesson without which you cannot be complete or complete with your journey.

So, as we stand on the precipice of the path without hope, do you fear the inferno beyond the warning because you fear the unknown?
Then you are the fool who does not know he is a fool.

Gustave Doré – Dante Alighieri – Inferno – Plate 8

Do you take pride in your bravery, and journey beyond Into darkness despite the warning?
Then you are the fool who knows less than ‘the fool who knows they are a fool’.

If you assure yourself that you know what lies beyond?
Then you are the fool who thinks he knows his future, or cares not of its consequence.

Three fools in one mind. The only constant is the fool.

Maybe consider too that “Abandon hope” is only a warning to those who still reside in the misguided world of hope, prayer, and gods.

And of the gods who promise to provide deliverance, salvation, and mercy to those of faith, they do so regardless of the faithfuls actual commitment. The whim of that god will without any relationship to the devotion of the faithful, determines the measure of the individual, rather than the morals or reciprocated value of that devotion to the god.

If you have need for such undependable gods, then turn back for hope is your salvation and to continue without it requires only a soul of character, strength and a god within himself who stands below no other.

If you did not understand the “warning” of abandoning hopes being an instruction to the ill-prepared, the un-enlightened, and those who cannot see the light, then you are not ready for the knowledge hidden on this journey of which you undertake.

Abandon your saviour, all ye who enter here for the path of the light-bearer, for the light-bearer is not dependent on a torch, for he is the light.

He who finds the God within himself, needs no hope, no messiah and no saviour, the son of man is God, and God is merely a state of your mind.