Luciferianism: EgoSum

January 2018 The successor to Luciferianism: AlterEgo

EgoSum The true Luciferian philosophy, is broken into two books, The Book of Darkness and The Book of Light which allows the reader to take their current place in the study, and become more holistic in their approach to Occultism. I find, being a theistic Luciferian, many people come into the subject from a dark place which they embrace and wish to explore. Others, find themselves in the dark realms and wish to see “the light” and the illumination that Luciferianism offers. Others, Lightworkers, are aware of the darker side of the Ego and fear it. I thought I would provide an objective book which people from any place on their path could view and explore their place, path, and destination objectively.

  Discovering the Divine A Luciferian look at Hermeticism and occult principles. A series of occult essays from the aspect of a Gnostic Luciferian. Richard K Page introduces the reader to the primordial fire versions of the seven tenets of Kybalion Hermeticism and once again questions subjective reality and occult concepts which explains hidden meanings in occult literature. In his unique way, he exposes misconceptions in historic and modern religious explanations. Chapters on Introduction to Kybalion Hermeticism The Principle of Mentalism The Principle of Correspondence The Principle of Vibration The Principle of Polarity The Principle of Cause and Effect. The Principle of Gender Understanding the All within The All What is Reality?
Luciferianism AlterEgo is the authors third book which builds on Luciferian principles and knowledge from the Gnostic mind-set. The book explains philosophies and distinctions between the Trinity of the Gnostic Luciferian universe, Materialism,supernaturalism and Idealism. In this book the author provides self-help tuition using the full armoury at the Luciferians.
Exegesis of Lucifer is an exploration of the Lucifer archetype. Lucifer has been identified in many cultures, religions and mythos around the world.
Often demonised or used as a scapegoat Lucifer is mistaken by many as representing an enemy of the monotheistic God, yet to Luciferians he represents the self and the materialist aspects of mankind.
Lucifer Light of the Aeon A unique collection of articles, poems, and art contributed by different authors and artists, all of which work with and approach Lucifer subjectively; giving the reader a greater range of information and with it a deeper understanding of Lucifer from the heart of the Luciferian.

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Exploring the Divine The great mysteries of the universe, Gods, Demons, Devils, Black Holes, The Big Bang, Time Travel, Human Population of distant star systems with current technology. The Age of Aquarius is upon us, time to change.
Wraith, Into The Darkness: fifteen years in the writing, The debut novel. The journey of Rhone the Dark Elf who drifts more and more into the ethereal world escaping the pain of mortality and in to the comfort of the netherworld.