The Goddess Unveiled.

The Goddess, supreme power of the earth, matter and humankind. Learn the secret of her identity, her relationship with the father god of spirit and the aether. History has taken thousands of years to erase her significance to the universal truths. The book reveals the true nature of the Mother Goddess, her position in the Abrahamic faiths and why she is feared by them. Undeniable evidence which places her back into the realms of mankind for the new era of Aquarius in the new sacred trinity as Purest of Virgins, Whore of Babylon and the Most Holy Mother.

A book containing revelations of long-hidden attributions of the goddess and her rulership of this plane of existence. For Pagans, Witches and Occultists alike, it is not sufficient to merely say the words in your crafting and devotionals. You need to understand the core architecture which you are implementing as it is only when you understand the meanings and attributions to your Goddess and your divine self utilizing the archetypal spheres of relevance which she presides over that you have the power to invocate her will to achieve supreme manifestation of the material realms.

This is the book that will explain to you why your craft fails. The understanding of the mechanisms is what is missing from books of the occult, incantations, prayers and spellcraft without self attunement is akin to being given the ingredients for a recipe, without the proportions and cooking time. this book is that recipe. Foundational knowledge that will elevate you to your supreme internal deity.

The Mother (Material) opposes Spirit (ethereal) which represents her male counterpart or mythologically represented cohort, but like all good marriages, they need to be made of opposing elements to broaden the horizon of the experience. In this capacity, the Goddess lends herself to all quantifiable science and measurable concepts more readily than she does to ideals of a more insubstantial and patriarchally natured manifestation of spirit. That is not to say that there is an absence of spirituality in the Goddess, but a more manifest-able and determinable state of observation of ‘the mother’ at work than there was in ‘the Father’ whose work takes him away from home, the father who once returned, his wrath is to be feared for it shall come with punishment for misdeeds in the day. Using traditional clichés, the product of a male and a female is a child. To the child, tradition shows the mother being more practical and present in the child’s subjective experience of reality. The father, distant and absent. Could this be any more an analogy of our understanding of God’s presence? This concept of the family structure which is now more and more rejected in modern society isn’t coincidental; it is engrained into the very fabric of universal construction, which is why it seems more natural. But it is also humanities nature to reject our nature because temporal consciousness exists only in the tiny friction between the god and the goddess.  To reiterate, under the older gnostic principles, if it can be measured, if it is substantial and quantifiable, then it is conducive to the feminine goddess principle of nature. The goddess is productive, creative and physical; She is cyclic, dependable, regulatory and reoccurring. She is present!

The physical aspects of nature such as earth and water are both feminine archetypes which form the first of the demi-goddesses under the ‘The Prima Materia Goddess’. When we split out first binary state in the primordial alchemical elements, water and earth are the feminine components, fire and air, masculine. And of these divisions, feminine Earth opposes Masculine air, as Masculine fire opposes feminine water. This link will take you to your local country’s Amazon store, or you can search for it directly, or lastly, you could order and support your local bookseller, which probably needs your support.

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