Lux Ferre

Of course, the stalwart initiation into Luciferianism is to be found in the claim of what the non-nominal word lucifer (intentionally un-nominalised) means. You no doubt have read at least a million threads in the Luciferian communities were people including myself feel obliged to reiterate the Latin definition of the word, which even now I’m trying desperately to avoid.

In Luciferian circles, the meaning of the word lucifer is akin to ornithologists continuously opening their commentary on birds with stating “birds are flying creatures”, to which we would shout, enough already, we know! But let us expand Lux Ferre out into some of its more expansive connotations and modern children of these Latin root words. Lux, Lu, Light, Luminescence. Lux alone puts me in mind of the Egyptian city, Luxor (southern Egypt) was formerly named as Thebes, anyone with even the most passing interest in Egyptian mythology or History will be familiar with the city of Thebes as a host to the Egyptian dynasty of men who were revered as gods, the Pharoes.

However etymologically, it is suggested that the name Luxor has nothing to do with its Latin essence which conveys many aspects of relationships to light in both the luminescent form of actual light and the illuminescent form relating to wisdom or spiritual awakening. Etymologically, we are told that the term Luxor derives its name from the Arabic word al-ʾuqṣur (الأقصر) – ALUCKSIR. Phonetically pronounced “elixir”. Occultists will quickly establish a link between the “Black Lands” of Egypt which we seemingly find the root of the word “Alchemy”.

Alchemy too is the root of the word chemistry. For the occultist who has adopted the internal alchemical romance, there seems to be a relationship between Luxor and the black flame of the alchemical elixir of life. Luxor was the capital of Upper Egypt and was known as the city of the sceptre, or as we more modern know them, a staff or wand mainly used in ceremony by the ruling “Roi” or Royal. Al, is derived from El, and is pertaining to God blessed things or God himself, forming the word ‘Allah’ in Arabic. Al-chemy, Roy-Al, Al-luxor, El-Lixir. In 1870 the foundations for the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor was laid, an occult organisation was established by Louis-Maximilian Bimstein, who was a Polish Jewish Kabbalist, more commonly known as Max Théon. Brimstien reputedly was a significant source of the occultism which influenced the much renowned Helena Petrovna Blavatsky; some claim he directly taught her while they both resided in London, England. Blavatsky often referred to a “Brotherhood of Luxor” in her writings. Brimstien became the public face, and the Grand Master of the Exterior Circle of the Order and the Brotherhood later became instrumental in influencing the establishment and teachings of the O.T.O which was then headed by Aleister Crowley.

Ferre, which roots our words ferry, to carry, to bear or to trans-fer, is a method of conveyancing in which Lucifer is the bearer of light, damn it! It was unavoidable! But, ferre itself is a shared root of ‘fire’ as fire itself while very distinct in its surface meaning. Fire is itself a medium in which light is carried or sourced.

Fire in alchemical terms is associated with passion, passion is associated with love and all (allah) is love under the law according to Crowley. The fire of passion will always bear the fruit of light, such light as was bestowed upon the metaphorical Adam after temptation from Eve as they consumed the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Occultism will always come full circle as truth begets truth since Lucifer is diabolically associated with the serpent which tempted Eve to consume the fruit of the tree of knowledge.

The bible which bears the first account of the word lucifer to be nominalised and personified into the character Lucifer and so becomes no longer a classicism name to describe the morning star, Venus. Instead of the pearl of wisdom and goddess of love as portrayed by the goddess Venus, the element of love and passion, which burns as fire is anthropomorphised into the fallen angel. Fire is entwined with light, love and passion, and such is humankind’s basic instinct and frailty of mind when passion burns within. All must obey the law of love as the heart rules the mind when it desires to. We may think we are headstrong, but that is only true when the heart is not invested. Trust me, if the heart burns, the fire will overrule all logic and stubborn decisions of the mind.

When the Luciferian adopts his personification of Lucifer, he assumes the principles and characteristics associated with Lucifer; passion ,wisdom and love. Each of those traits is not a state of being; more they are a courier of the inner self. They are a method of expression of self. Through passion, we express determination, knowledge and the thirst to further that understanding. Through wisdom, we apply that direct and extended expertise to position solutions to obstructions in our lives. The word solution itself derived from the alchemical dissolution of thoughts into a liquidity in which solutions can be formed, a process etched into the mind of those who are familiar with the Elphias Levi’s symbol of Baphomet. solution, as all truth, returns once again to the full circle. Sol (soul and Sun) Lu (Lux and Light) tion (the action of the verb).

To ignite the soul.

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