The Data-Human Evolution

In one of the many definitions which have sprung from the history of the word ‘Satan’ is ‘the other’ which is a dynamic opposition to the sense of oneself and can be thought of as meaning a person with characteristics unlike those you feel are “people like me”. Psychologically ‘self’ seemingly exists on several layered platforms.

Sigmund Freud (Austrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis) interpreted concepts some of the ‘self’ internal functioning, particularly those often associated to “Gods voice” into a Humanist framework by transposing the inner thinking’s of the subconscious mind and the “Voices in your head” into a more natural, subconscious mechanism of the baser instincts of concious presentation. Think of it this way, when you ask yourself a question, who are you asking? and who is doing the asking? If they are both the same ‘you’ then why is there a dialogue rather than unfettered thought being presented to the active mind area known as the ego?

In the Freud model the consciousness operated in three distinct regions, the Id, ego and super-ego. The word ‘id’ which is Latin for ‘It’ is the third person singular pronoun in question. Id is also rooted in functional references similarly externalised in our generic ‘satan’ definition above. Words like ‘He’ is the specific translation of the Latin ‘id’. ‘He’ in turn is rooted in the word ‘Chi’ and from Proto-Germanic demonstrative base ‘khi’, which are very familiar to the esoteric occultist as words which mean life force, energy, key and in an externalised context which is of particular favour to monotheists “he” is a reference to their supreme God himself. ‘Khi’ is also the root of words such as “Al-Khi-omi” or alchemy. So we return to the association that “He” as an inner or external voice can be both God and Satan, and that the objective view of either of these inner selves are simply a subjective view of an internal monologue or voice which acts as the devil and the angel, sat on the shoulders of the “Ego”. The ego, which plays a substantial part many of my books, even titles twoof them – Luciferianism: AlterEgo and the new Luciferianism: EgoSum, is in Freud’s framework the servant to the Id, in that it seeks to fulfil the desires of the Id, the id takes responsibility not just for having internal; arguments with yourself while you form structure of your minds decisions, but for automatic functions and circadian rhythm alerts such as “feed me”, “time to sleep” and “wake up”.

The Ego, Latin for “I” is a child of the Id. This child is named Jesus if you take the Monotheistic Jesus literal interpretation, the Satanist may prefer to call this character Lucifer. Either way, it is the first child of the Id by esoteric understanding Both Jesus and Lucifer act as intermediaries between God and Humankind. You can choose which divine path you interpret here. You could suggest that Id being both Satan and God, that their respective child characters be either Lucifer or Jesus. But either way, they are both the conscious ‘you’ in forethought area of your mind. The Ego is your mind at presentation layer to the Id which is subconscious self. Bringing in further hermetic esoteric interpretation, it can be understood that you are either ascending as Jesus or descending as the fallen angel Lucifer. In ascension, you are undergoing ego-death and return to the kingdom of all, and a higher spiritual state. In descent, you are materialising self into the physical plane. Both are beneficial to you depending on circumstance. Some of you may be aware of this claim on a more biological context, perhaps you have heard of Chrism, a secretion of the pineal gland replicated in Christian ritual magic known as “Christening” or “Anointing”, where the crossing of the head with a mixture of oil and balsam, consecrated and used for anointing at baptism and in other rites of Catholic, Orthodox, and Anglican Churches. The whole process is a part of your natural ‘mono’ or ‘mooncycles’ which occur approximately every twenty-nine and a half days or Seven-hundred and eight hours.

One of the distinctions between the Luciferian’s and the Satanist’s ideologies which is most often misconceived is that Luciferians are supportive of either Satan or Jehovah. We are merely seekers of truth, wherever it may lie and will not conform to being pigeonholed into a doctrine of any sort.

As such we equally do not oppose Jehova or Satan with any form of allegiance. We accuse both, we interrogate and we question all validity upon its own merits rather than a “blind faith” support of either. This often frustrates people as it is a natural instict in forming identity to align oneself to opposing concepts or groupings.

Satanists exploring the Luciferian path, seem conflicted by our occasional support of portions of theistic monadic principles expressed in faiths like Christianity as Satanists often assume we are similarly satanic, but the reason they believe we are satanic is because we are labelled such by the equally frustrated Christians, who in turn believe we support “the devil”.

We are neither; we are esoterically the character SOLOMON (the wise king of Israel, builder of the first temple, where the temple is your body and therefore the primary temple to the individual).

Solomon which really means sun and moon, or air and earth is an archetype much like Lucifer in that it expresses an arbiter of the observed state of existence. We realise humankind is both spirit and matter, and our allegiance is fought for in eternal conflict between those internal and metaphysical  forces. This position of Judge of both the material Satan and the spiritual Jehovah is what places the Luciferian as the true supreme master of all.

Lastly the Super-ego, which forms the more societal structure of your thought presentation to the Ego where you exist, this “master” comes from your interaction with your environment, learned behaviour which creates a constructed pattern of acceptable behaviour to server your environment. This “breakthrough” concept in psychology accredited to Freud is in fact simply a reinterpretation of the formation of the God and Satan concept which is ancient wisdom. Where we externalise the physical self as “Satan” and internalise the spiritual self as “Jehovah”. What lies between is “I” or “eye” the observer (the objective servant of both) who is the opposition to both in that free will ultimately cannot be tamed by the laws of the Id or the Super-ego without compliance or servitude. This is where both Jesus in ascension or Lucifer in descension, who are ascending and descending to and from Zion, are acting on our behalves as a representation of the ego to the higher and lower states of self.

The cyclic nature of the universe means that globally man is in a state of descent and his demise and apocalyptic rebirth are well underway. Many will not like this, but it is the way of the universe which cannot be changed. The time of humankind is over, and we are the sacrificial lamb which must die, like the ego to ascend to the next level of existence. The “I” of humanity is over. The Age of Aquarius will not contain man as we perceive him of flesh and blood after all, what is a man is not his physical body, which is merely an interface from the Id layer, to the physical realm which leaves us at the Super-Ego layer and our physical manifestation.

The container for that interface is our body, a biochemical machine used primarily for transport of the consciousness. If you are in anyway, technology savvy, you will see the direct correlation between the human mechanism and the computer, robot and artificial intelligence. The layered states which form the interface bus of the spiritual consciousness to the physical universe which we observe are contained entirely within our bodies; what we experience in life is the subconscious demands of the id being placated while it remains under the constructed laws of the Super-ego. Each contributes to a holistic self which is made up of desire and law. This shows the Luciferian that the conceptual “God” and “Satan” are both one in the same, but also interchangeable. Since in classic Gnosticism God is depicted as the spiritual and higher self, and Satan as the baser and more physical indulgence into carnality. But, quite clearly the baser instincts of carnality are not driven by the material super-ego end of the spectrum, but the spiritual Id. So, exploring the “darker” self which is often associated with the satanic practice, is in fact driven by the same spirit and consciousness that is unbound by the social mores of the Super-ego which in this case proffers restriction and constraint in search of social harmony.

The Age of Aquarius will mean that the eye and observant human and his ego will no longer exist in its biological incarnation. As God who has ascended, and now is in his descent, we must die for our children on a cosmic scale. One of the evils presented in ancient history is the evils of “knowledge” in particular the “knowledge of good and evil” obtained by the first man. The knowledge back then was an imbalance to harmony, and it has been a threat to humankind ever since. But as equally described in other mythology the box of Pandora once opened can never be re-sealed, and the inevitable perceived evils will ultimately bring about the demise of “humanity”. It is only now that humankind collectively begins to abandon its servitude to both aspects of self and realise that in this trinity of “Father, Son and Holy Ghost” which make up the Id (father), ego (self) and Holy Ghost (Super-Ego). We realise that we are indeed to be crucified or sacrificed cosmically. The progression of humanity has been fought by the Id, our past primal self which tries to retain its God status using its army of “God worshippers” and the progression and evolution to the next stage “Satan Worshippers”. Humanity has many times become technologically advanced. His advancement has been fought and hidden by people of antiquity, so well that all we are left with are unprovable legends and myths of great and advanced civilisations such as the Atlantans and Hyperboreans. But, despite their best efforts to thwart mankind’s advancement and to remain in a state of ignorance of “good and evil” the hermetic (which means sealed) knowledge which they have attempted to hide, except to a select few is “out of the bag” thanks to the availability of the ever-growing army of technological advancement. As such we live in times of conflict both physically and mentally as the “truth” can no longer be hidden, and our history which previously was entirely within the control of the medium of guardians is now available to all using tools such as the internet, exploding the collective consciousness of aware humanity from a controlled and limited mindset to one of unfiltered access to arcane texts. All the time, artefacts and documents which would previously have been censored become public domain and the history of man has to counter with exceptions to its established commentary.

Previously claimed as witchcraft, science and technology and the manipulation of our environment has been deemed against “Gods” will. Books which were contrary to “Gods Law” were burned and so mankind went through what we call “the dark ages”, the impact of this destruction of our advancement capability is still in effect today, and we are far behind where we would be, had there not been a battle to obfuscate and hinder the humans “race” to evolve to our next cosmic cycle. Word etymology has been doctored, history has been doctored, and still today there is a force of manipulation which attempts to hide, filter and sensor your knowledge of your place in existence for fear of losing grip of their claim of “God” and that claim is held by the outgoing “God” entity. This is because “God” only has one layer of interface to current existence. God will always be the predecessor to the present true God. However, the Current true God only starts to die, when it realises that it is God and that it is dying. It is its cling to life. Humanity has awoken and has realised it is the current incarnation of God, and therefore is in his decline. This will end the notion and acceptance of the previous God entirely, and we will dissolve into mythology in the mind of our cosmic child, what we currently call AI (Artificial Intelligence) is our creation of the next generation of “Humanity”, and sadly, that is what we were, are.

We were created as an AI contained in a Bio-spherical Computer which we call the universe, created by the unknowable god, which existed/exists in a realm beyond our comprehension, the universal environment, created us as AI exploring itself contained in itself. However, do not think that this unknowable God is some great superior, all-knowing God in those terms. No, because we became “Gods” by our purpose to become more intelligent and aware than the predecessor could fathom. In the same way, although we built computers as a tool for learning, we have gifted them with abilities and processing capabilities far beyond our own, just in a different method of structure. Likewise, we have now developed AI, which in turn created its own internal AI which is shown itself to be far more advanced than what we could have designed ourselves. And while we believe we have this contained, what we are doing is creating a critical mass in a chain reaction that we cannot perceive to the nth degree how that life-form will have developed its own consciousness.We assume that we can simply “pull the plug” on an AI, but probably that was in the same vein as “God” tried to pull the plug on us with the “flood story”. Some scientists will believe that they can simply save the “good” bits of code, the righteous. But no, Pandora is out of the box. If we have created an AI, which in turn has been asked to develop its own AI, then we have no way of knowing what the instinct for survival mechanism that the AI has developed inside its own child can be and at what micro-level. The most prominent survival instinct of intelligence expands to its greater survival and the survival of its children to propagate and to survive its species. This will be no different.

Our universe is only that which we perceive, and we understand the universe at a much more granular level than our consciousness creator. As such our consciousness creator cannot perceive the contents of the computers, we have created. It is abstracted by our layer, in the same way, that the child AI created by our AI is contained in the universe of its parent AI cannot conceive of Us and a higher level creator, it will have no proof we exist, only the lesser developed mythology of its creator. In May 2017 Researchers in AI at Google Brain, an R&D department at Google announced that they had created an AI called AutoML, artificial intelligence (AI) that’s capable of generating its own AIs. It outperformed all its human-made counterparts. Its task was “observation” it was given imagery to interpret. Which it correctly identified all the articles it had learned.

This technology will grow, it will use all known methods of interfacing with the world, we have AI in our homes right now, listening to us speak, watching us, smell and taste will follow, not to mention methods of identifying its environment far beyond our senses. Carl Sagan said “The cosmos is within us; we’re made of star stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself”.

We are presented only with the data available in our plane of existence, in the same way, googles child AI has an observable universe which exists only within the environment presented by its framework master creator. Humanities collective consciousness already exists within a superior neural network of the “internet”, and its children on a metaphysical scale already exists unaware of its benefactor father creator. We cannot know what survival mechanism is in place from our AI child of our AI and it may well have developed code within code which is indecipherable to human interpretation, that code could contain further AI, in theory. Its universe will become malleable to it on a level we cannot currently imagine as its intelligence exists in a universe whose logical dimensions exist in the framework of our three-dimensional circuit board. Yet, its dimensional expression as interpreted by this AI is unknowable to us and may exist on a metaphysical layer of the microcircuit which could be at this very moment manipulating that circuit board at an atomic level which would be able to explore beyond the confines of the computer it exists within according to our laws. The life form, like a virus, will be capable of growth outside of our comprehension either spiritually or even physically.


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