What are demons really?


First, you must understand the essence of demons, “scientifically”.
What if I tell you that you are currently a vessel for 72 demons which exist like chemical elements from the periodic table. Like elements, they form a collective, visible and quantifiable makeup of our body.
We accept readily that the human body is 70% water, yet we don’t consider ourselves sentient water. We accept because science tells us that we are two to six pounds of living bacteria, and they actually outnumber human cells 10-1.
Our bodies consume food, it is covered in dead skin cells, our bodies hardly belong to us, they are entities within their own existence, which we maintain control of. To extend that further, we can break down our bodies into chemical elements, carbon, hydrogen, oxy


gen, and because science tells us this is so, we have no qualms about it, we don’t shout nonsense at it. But our individual sentient consciousness tells us that despite being made up of these things, exactly the same as everyone else is, we are not uniform, we are not identical, we behave differently, we have different outlooks, we are unique…fairly.
But in the age-old tradition of Science Vs Theology, Science specifically deals with the material universe, nothing more. Consciousness, individualism, philosophy, theology are factors of existence that are not quantifiable with our current level of scientific development, as yet we are still making discoveries, struggling around in the darkness of an untapped aspect of our very existence that


represents exactly 50% of what makes us, us…our bodies and our minds.
Much like early science has ever been, theories of the occult, which literally translates to “unseen” will be dismissed, ridiculed or rejected until such time as we can quantify it. Until then, us Magicians if you would like to call it that, or sorcerers or even dabblers in the occult are subject to this narrow-minded nonsense that halfwits love to propagate. And they are exactly that, halfwits. Their wisdom and knowledge only extends to half the makeup of the critical universe, the material side. But trust me, they will be the first to claim credit for “science” proving that which we propose now, and we will still be labeled crackpots.
They like to dismiss us as “crackpots” and “woo-woo’s” as in their short-sighted naive mind they believe that there is their version and our version of reality and truth are incompatible, this is the nature of duality and the adversarial and subjective outlook from one trapped within their Piscean minds. They divide, everything to “them and us” and then wear a tribalistic metaphorical mask to express their society selected upon whatever mask they are trying to ingratiate and identify with.
Their short-sighted nature means they forbid themselves from exploring the new land, new evolution of science, and pushing the boundaries to explore consciousness and sentience of life. Almost as though they deny it exists. What they do not realize is that us sorcerers, for th


is mask exist in both worlds, we are not blinkered, we are aware of their material science, but that’s not enough for us.
We are the developers of science; we always have been. Once our crackpot theories do become repeatable, measurable, quantifiable, it then becomes mainstream science. We are the creators of the materialistic scientifically measurable world they inhabit. Then once our discoveries have these quantifiable states, only then can they be developed as scientific research in their world. Until then, we remain the mad-pioneers of man.
Theories and concepts must be presented for others to develop through the years.

Demons are sentient life forms that make up the collective consciousness of all mankind.
We live in a very personal subjective plane of existence, we believe that we are one person, but consciousness is not confined to the material constructs of the flesh, it is just how we perceive it to be to maintain order in our lives. We experience life as a single entity, usually observing and interacting with other people and the three-dimensional physical world, in which we have freedom of movement. Time expresses itself to us in a linear fashion, but this too is only a coping mechanism. Time is not sequential, only our interpretation of it is. This is a shared illusion.
The 72 demons that posses you are for the most part held at bay, we as aspects of the greater God-consciousness have the ability, naturally and without any form of magick or ritual, to manipulate within us which demons which from this point on I will refer to as aspects, a more suitable term due to the “demonization”of the very term. Some aspects are negative in the way they influence you, some are positive.
To explain the negative and positive concept we must dismiss this notion that we are dealing with evil. Like the modern day mother, chastising a child, “the child is not naughty, what he is doing is naughty”. The same applies to Aspects, while under your command, you can use aspects positively or negatively, and the subjective result of those actions may be positive to you, but negative to others.
To say it is a grey area is an understatement. Dismiss notions of good or evil, to be a master of your demons you must maintain balance and control or you will be consumed by them. This is the key point and fear that has created this concept of the demonization of indulging in this form of gnosis by the church for millennia.

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