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Luciferianism: EgoSum

Ego Sum: The true Luciferian philosophy

By far and large my most popular and endorsed book so far has been Luciferianism: Alter Ego, which is a bit of a step away from my usual writing, in that it is more to do with the practices of Luciferianism, rather than the hidden meanings in hermetic concepts.

I do practice at writing multiple ideas at a time, and some chapters fit nicely into one sort of book, such as my recently finished “Discovering the Divine” which is a series of essays relating to Hermeticism and theoretical science; the occult is a broad study and I do try to relate the study to scientific and rational concepts or theories, explaining the significance of symbols and words, rather than just suggesting people blindly recant a ‘spelling’.

While this was going on, I found that some of my discoveries and topics were more suited to AlterEgo, in that it was practical rather than academic concepts, since alterEgo has been published over a year now, and at one point found itself at #4 in the chart ranking of philosophy books being sold on Amazon (quite an achievement for an occult book). I knew then that there was the path that Luciferianism was shepherding me towards.

This has laid the foundation to Luciferianism: EgoSum, a follow-up book to Alter Ego. As always, the principles build on each other, and for the reader the opportunity to grow with me in their journey towards apotheosis. EgoSum, journeys yet deeper into hidden gnostic esotericism, revealing more hidden truths ever proposed by other occultists, yet with supporting evidence to show that these are true meanings.

EgoSum, is broken into two books, The Book of Darkness and The Book of Light which allows the reader to take their current place in the study, and become more holistic in their approach to Occultism. I find, being a gnostic-theistic Luciferian, many people come into the subject of Luciferian study from a dark place within themselves, which they embrace and wish to explore. Others, find themselves in the dark realms and wish to see “the light” and the illumination that Luciferianism offers; others, Lightworkers, are aware of the darker side of the Ego and fear it or reject it because of the new age influence on modern occultism and paganistic belief systems. I thought I would provide an objective book which people from any place on their path could view and explore their place, path, and destination objectively, correcting the fallacy that being holy is to be without failings, no holiness is purity, holiness is to be whole, aware of all aspects of our holistic existence. Wholeyness is more truly next to Godliness.

I also aim to redirect the concepts of the “LHP” and “RHP” from the Luciferian point of view as the really are inadequate ideals for the Luciferian philosophy. While I freely admit the LHP is probably the most recognised umbrella term for the Luciferian gnosis, LHP is inherited into Luciferianism by default aspect of the Satanism association, and many people who come in to Luciferianism from the Satanic circles, are quite shocked when they find a few Luciferians become offended when they are referred to as “Satanists”. Luciferianism does not dictate a path, Luciferianism does not dictate anything, Luciferianism will not allow itself to be explicitly categorised, as Luciferianism is the principality of absolute self and the sovereignty of your conscious existence. There are no boxes nor law to which a true Luciferian can be bound.

I am sure, like me you rage when you seek Luciferian pathology only to be posed with rules and definitions which attempt to bind you into someone else’s ideals. False guides will claim that you should be free of dogma, yet in the next line they will tell you “you must”.

Above index example is subject to change

Luciferianism is not LHP, it is not RHP, it is not dark, nor light. The supreme judge of what Luciferianism is, is you.  The absolute law.

Even in claiming that as a definition of Luciferianism, I’m erring on misrepresenting Luciferianism; because it is the fact that it is infinitely without dogma and law, that means that any rule you apply to identifying what constitutes being “Luciferian”, means that to adhere to that law is contrary to the belief of Luciferianism. In short, as soon as I say “To be a Luciferian, one must…” I am guilty of trying to impose a dogma of Luciferianism. The point is, you are sovereign ruler of your beliefs, experience, and practice, and while we come together as a community to share ideals and teachings, none of those ideals or teachings are to be considered truth unless you choose them to be your personal truth.

If you want to revere a bearded old man, looking down with from heaven judging humanity or dance naked in the woods ate, lying to a moon Beelzebub, you can do it as a Luciferian. And so, that means that Luciferian can be, by all definitions an RHP journey. Luciferianism isn’t “Devil Worship” either, but it can be if you want to follow that direction.

Luciferianism does not dictate your religion if you have one at all. Theists, Atheists, and Agnostics can share common ground in the philosophy of Luciferianism. We do seemingly have a great interest in occult topics, particularly ones that explore the great unanswerable questions, Why are we here? How are we here?  It’s the study of Science and Scripture.

The Luciferian is, if nothing else objective, and aware of his subjective influences which he ideally discards in the interest of objectivity (although this is not a requirement). He uses this court of a level playing field, where his personal interest and experience is put behind him in decisions of “Sophos”, wisdom; which is what it’s all about.

EgoSum reveals many new hermetic meanings essential for the occultists to have a broader idea of sealed knowledge. It allows you to take great leaps forward in your practice, not by repeating empty incantations, but by understanding primordial forces at play.

Stand in the light to see the dark, stand in the dark to see the light. wherever you stand, you must realise that the place you are, dictates the direction you must head and therefore which path to follow.


The release estimate for Luciferianism: EgoSum is January 2018 check here, our Facebook page or The Luciferian Facebook group for updates


Luciferianism: AlterEgo

Luciferianism – AlterEgo March 2016

It gives me great pleasure to announce this, the latest of my contributions to the world of Luciferianism. This book extols the metamorphosis stage of your path towards apotheosis.

Previous my books have explored mythos, archetypes, hidden meanings and principle systems. Finally, AlterEgo is the first book in my series which engages with practices and concepts that can be put to use so that you can to achieve the secrets of absolute material success, expression of free will, achievement of ambitions through a three-pronged attack using Luciferian manipulation of  Materialism, Supernaturalism, and Idealism.

Now is the time to embrace the change within humanity, break free the shackles of this illusory world and the overthrow the manipulators that bind you into a life of obscurity. Wealth, Power, and Freedom can be directly obtained by the full extent of the power that luciferian wisdom, magick and ethos can provide.

AlterEgo Identifies the artificial obstructions in your life, and the lives of countless other regular human beings, fighting endlessly on this revolving door of just surviving rather than living. It brings you to the realization of who and what are the adversaries that bind you and allows you to destroy their hypnotic influence over you. This program releases the true you, your Lucifer deific alter ego and diminishes the historically reserved you; bound by Morals, Obligations, Social conformity, Guilt, and False Education until now you never stood a chance.

Overthrow the tables, the tide as turned, now is your turn to be the morning star, rising above those who claim the throne.

This is what luciferianism is really about. This book contains realizations, rituals and wisdom rarely discussed. 

This is the Luciferian book that changes everything for you.

Available Late March 2016 in paperback

UK price £8.99

US price $9.99

EU Price €8.99

Available from Amazon and all good booksellers.

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Discovering The Divine

Discovering The Divine
A Luciferian book of essays and occult principles. 

Discovering the divine is a series of occult essays from the aspect of a Gnostic Luciferian. 

It introduces the reader to the primordial fire versions of the seven tenets of Kybalion Hermeticism and once again questions subjective reality and occult concepts which explains hidden meanings in occult literature.

In his unique way, he exposes misconceptions in historic and modern religious explanations. 

Chapters on Introduction to Kybalion Hermeticism plus many more essays

  • The Principle of Mentalism 
  • The Principle of Correspondence 
  • The Principle of Vibration 
  • The Principle of Polarity 
  • The Principle of Cause and Effect
  • The Principle of Gender 
  • Understanding the All within The All 
  • What is Reality? 
  • The Facets of Our Lives Occult 
  • That Which is Unseen 
  • The Ancient Cult of the Ox 
  • The Abyss 
  • The Earth’s Second Sun 
  • The Devil’s Advocate 
  • The Satan Concept 
  • Luciferianism’s Relationship to Satanism 
  • Understanding Gnostic Symbolism 
  • The Principles of Change 
  • Power Word “Amen” 
  • Astrological Angelic Aspects 
  • I Saclas 
  • Evocation of Choronzon
  • Paperback: 168 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (30 Jun. 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1548513598
  • ISBN-13: 978-1548513597
  • Product Dimensions: 15.2 x 1 x 22.9 cm

Available in bookshops and Amazon (click link)

Exegesis of Lucifer

It gives me great pleasure to introduce to the world my latest mind-burp in the form of  a collection of investigations into many mythological legends in my book called The Exegesis of Lucifer.

What I hoped to achieve in the book is a collection of examinations into mythologies from around the world that I believe  link directly to the archetype  “Light-Bearer” incarnation story. As I find my way through both Pagan and Mainstream religious legends and “History” I find similar reoccurring themes present themselves over and over again.

Luciferian’ s never really do settle for one absolute truth, The truth is that which presents itself at the time, our subjective reality is simply a collection of stimulus and testimony that we accept as being reasonable or from a trusted source, as we get older and “wiser” we accept less the reliability of our trusted sources, and if you get even more “wiser|” you are rational in doubting even your own senses.

It comes to the point when we really have to question the nature of our existence, this is commonly called philosophy, and for the ‘Soph-ians’ we know this is the nature of being ‘ Luciphian’.

I swept through legends in Celtic, Romanic, Middle Eastern and Greek mythology and found a cyclic renditions of births, deaths, betrayal, brothers, murder, revenge that even occurred even several times under the same pantheon. This ancient knowledge, observed by the world from corner to corner was so significant all mythology contains a variant of the Lucifer story. What they were trying to tell us I can only hope we learn, not by dismissing them all as faery tales, but by collating them all into one scientifically possible event.

Faith, superstition or was it an account of the natural?

I link my collected stories to the astrological observations of Venus, the morning star and celestial events as well as explaining the evolution of words and their migration across the continents.
All in I hope to provide the reader as always with some new perspectives and meanings to the origins of beliefs in particular that of Lucifer to form the growing popularity of syncretism.

The with glorious pictures and artworks depicting Lucifer throughout time, as well as many other colour illustrations explaining the concepts of a classic Gnostic Luciferianism
, or the lesser mentioned RHP (Right Hand Path) aspects of a collective knowledge or consciousness that drives the very essence of nature and evolution, ultimately the drive of mankind to be as gods.

The book will be available in 6×9″ paperback (matt black cover), it totals around 224 pages which can be read as a reference to individual cases rather than read the book cover to cover, although you may benefit to comparisons a reference if you do. I would love to have made it cheaper, but this is the minimum costs for the full colour printing of the book which currently is $29.99 (Believe me the printers and amazon get 95% of that)

Also available on Kindle at a reduced price.

There will be an option to buy a black and white copy in the future maybe July 2016 if you can wait. but now’s the chance to get those first editions.


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