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The Goddess Unveiled.

The Goddess, supreme power of the earth, matter and humankind. Learn the secret of her identity, her relationship with the father god of spirit and the aether. History has taken thousands of years to erase her significance to the universal truths. The book reveals the true nature of the Mother Goddess, her position in the Abrahamic faiths and why she is feared by them. Undeniable evidence which places her back into the realms of mankind for the new era of Aquarius in the new sacred trinity as Purest of Virgins, Whore of Babylon and the Most Holy Mother.

A book containing revelations of long-hidden attributions of the goddess and her rulership of this plane of existence. For Pagans, Witches and Occultists alike, it is not sufficient to merely say the words in your crafting and devotionals. You need to understand the core architecture which you are implementing as it is only when you understand the meanings and attributions to your Goddess and your divine self utilizing the archetypal spheres of relevance which she presides over that you have the power to invocate her will to achieve supreme manifestation of the material realms.

This is the book that will explain to you why your craft fails. The understanding of the mechanisms is what is missing from books of the occult, incantations, prayers and spellcraft without self attunement is akin to being given the ingredients for a recipe, without the proportions and cooking time. this book is that recipe. Foundational knowledge that will elevate you to your supreme internal deity.

The Mother (Material) opposes Spirit (ethereal) which represents her male counterpart or mythologically represented cohort, but like all good marriages, they need to be made of opposing elements to broaden the horizon of the experience. In this capacity, the Goddess lends herself to all quantifiable science and measurable concepts more readily than she does to ideals of a more insubstantial and patriarchally natured manifestation of spirit. That is not to say that there is an absence of spirituality in the Goddess, but a more manifest-able and determinable state of observation of ‘the mother’ at work than there was in ‘the Father’ whose work takes him away from home, the father who once returned, his wrath is to be feared for it shall come with punishment for misdeeds in the day. Using traditional clichés, the product of a male and a female is a child. To the child, tradition shows the mother being more practical and present in the child’s subjective experience of reality. The father, distant and absent. Could this be any more an analogy of our understanding of God’s presence? This concept of the family structure which is now more and more rejected in modern society isn’t coincidental; it is engrained into the very fabric of universal construction, which is why it seems more natural. But it is also humanities nature to reject our nature because temporal consciousness exists only in the tiny friction between the god and the goddess.  To reiterate, under the older gnostic principles, if it can be measured, if it is substantial and quantifiable, then it is conducive to the feminine goddess principle of nature. The goddess is productive, creative and physical; She is cyclic, dependable, regulatory and reoccurring. She is present!

The physical aspects of nature such as earth and water are both feminine archetypes which form the first of the demi-goddesses under the ‘The Prima Materia Goddess’. When we split out first binary state in the primordial alchemical elements, water and earth are the feminine components, fire and air, masculine. And of these divisions, feminine Earth opposes Masculine air, as Masculine fire opposes feminine water. This link will take you to your local country’s Amazon store, or you can search for it directly, or lastly, you could order and support your local bookseller, which probably needs your support.

Dante’s Question.

“Abandon hope all ye who enter here.”

What does that say to you my luminated one, are you worthy of entering the inferno?
Have you travelled to this gateway or have you stumbled here?

If you have stumbled here, then you cannot understand the content as your journey is incomplete.

For your journey has no shortcuts, it began at birth with no understanding and will end at death with the knowledge of all, like your journey each step is essential as you cannot age quicker by avoiding the years.

The destination is without question, the origin is also without question.
Conclusively therefore the only question is… Where are you now?

The journey or ‘your path’ is the purpose of self; and from the fool to the world-in-self, every footstep is a lesson without which you cannot be complete or complete with your journey.

So, as we stand on the precipice of the path without hope, do you fear the inferno beyond the warning because you fear the unknown?
Then you are the fool who does not know he is a fool.

Gustave Doré – Dante Alighieri – Inferno – Plate 8

Do you take pride in your bravery, and journey beyond Into darkness despite the warning?
Then you are the fool who knows less than ‘the fool who knows they are a fool’.

If you assure yourself that you know what lies beyond?
Then you are the fool who thinks he knows his future, or cares not of its consequence.

Three fools in one mind. The only constant is the fool.

Maybe consider too that “Abandon hope” is only a warning to those who still reside in the misguided world of hope, prayer, and gods.

And of the gods who promise to provide deliverance, salvation, and mercy to those of faith, they do so regardless of the faithfuls actual commitment. The whim of that god will without any relationship to the devotion of the faithful, determines the measure of the individual, rather than the morals or reciprocated value of that devotion to the god.

If you have need for such undependable gods, then turn back for hope is your salvation and to continue without it requires only a soul of character, strength and a god within himself who stands below no other.

If you did not understand the “warning” of abandoning hopes being an instruction to the ill-prepared, the un-enlightened, and those who cannot see the light, then you are not ready for the knowledge hidden on this journey of which you undertake.

Abandon your saviour, all ye who enter here for the path of the light-bearer, for the light-bearer is not dependent on a torch, for he is the light.

He who finds the God within himself, needs no hope, no messiah and no saviour, the son of man is God, and God is merely a state of your mind.

Human resource is redundant.

People are going to have to accept this fact very soon, yet the societal structure is still programming our children the way they programmed us.

You probably think a person should work for a living, contribute to society, have a job, give up their limited time on this earth so that their (your) reward is a reasonable standard of living, and that people who don’t conform to this standard, well they’re scroungers, wasters and losers who leach on the rest of society. If you do, well done you followed your programming.
The truth is, it’s all artificial. Its all bullshit, it’s all there to keep you a slave and you doff your cap and say “yes’um master, I’s a good little slave”, in a terrible cliche slavery black southern American voice. But, when you watch films about slavery, the natural instinct of your opinion is to support the freedom of escape from this system and you despise the “house slave” who accepts his slavery to the master as though its a privilege. but that’s you, you’re the house slave, you may think you’re the rebel, but your not!
We set a “breadline” of hardship for people who can’t work, don’t work, don’t want to work and say, you’re not contributing, you’re not sharing my wealth, you should be poor and suffer. the breadline is just a number we set, a bar to ensure the societal standard of “poor” exists, its a bit like the value of the £1, its just a number it makes no difference if it costs £1 for a bag of spuds or £100 as long as that bag of spuds remains a % of your total income, you would hope that if they did cost £100, that your income would be £5000 a day at least…its just a number. So why do we believe that people who don’t work should struggle? when you see poor people individually, your instinct is to help them if you can, yet your programming has told you as a collective they “should” suffer. Why? Why not have unemployed people, regardless of their reason, even if it is, they simply don’t want to work, have the same standard of living as a comfortably prosperous person. why not let them have a house, car, food in the cupboard and all their basic bills paid? what difference does it make to you?

The only bitterness derives from your programming and your claim to the fact “I worked hard for what I have, why should they have the same?”
Nobodies saying they should, you should have more! you should, as a person who does contribute to society have a hell of a lot more! let’s raise that bar, its only your programming to place yourself one bar above the poor, treading water. If all the poor owned a home, had a car, lived life the way we expect to as a successful working person, then the working person would by default have greater income, so your life would be the house, with the pool, with the Maserati, with the finer food, eating out every night, going to gigs and entertaining yourself more readily.

Who would pay for it you ask?
Again, your programming which is based on the narrow supply of wealth which comes from a master, source.
Do you know who has all the worlds money? non-existent corporate bank accounts, its horded in the name of a company, or many companies rather…doing nothing, except making an artificial entity which is the company, have a healthy bank account!
it’s a bit like giving all your money to fucking GOD! what the fuck is he going to do with money?

Money is fake, companies are fake….we are real and we work hard to make fake money for fake companies so we real people can live…WTF?
I am in the world of technology, I have been all my life and I can tell you that you are redundant! human labour is all but redundant, the only reason most jobs still exist, is because the generation running them is a little old-fashioned and thinks similarly to your way, but you had better wake the fuck up, because tech automation, which I work on is getting good…in fact it got good a while back, we’re just catching up.
humans are inefficient and fallible at tasks. there are very few people who do a job that I and people like me couldn’t automate with machinery and logic. So the number of people required to work is going to be around 5% of those working today. that means 95% of the working class people are going to be UNEMPLOYABLE. so you need to change the way you think, you should have a decent life, you should enjoy it as we get machinery and tech to do labour for us. but if humans are going to continue to thrive, we need to stop thinking of ourselves as slaves to a system, but the masters of it.

We are humans, all else is ours to enjoy, not to serve.

Lux Ferre

Of course, the stalwart initiation into Luciferianism is to be found in the claim of what the non-nominal word lucifer (intentionally un-nominalised) means. You no doubt have read at least a million threads in the Luciferian communities were people including myself feel obliged to reiterate the Latin definition of the word, which even now I’m trying desperately to avoid.

In Luciferian circles, the meaning of the word lucifer is akin to ornithologists continuously opening their commentary on birds with stating “birds are flying creatures”, to which we would shout, enough already, we know! But let us expand Lux Ferre out into some of its more expansive connotations and modern children of these Latin root words. Lux, Lu, Light, Luminescence. Lux alone puts me in mind of the Egyptian city, Luxor (southern Egypt) was formerly named as Thebes, anyone with even the most passing interest in Egyptian mythology or History will be familiar with the city of Thebes as a host to the Egyptian dynasty of men who were revered as gods, the Pharoes.

However etymologically, it is suggested that the name Luxor has nothing to do with its Latin essence which conveys many aspects of relationships to light in both the luminescent form of actual light and the illuminescent form relating to wisdom or spiritual awakening. Etymologically, we are told that the term Luxor derives its name from the Arabic word al-ʾuqṣur (الأقصر) – ALUCKSIR. Phonetically pronounced “elixir”. Occultists will quickly establish a link between the “Black Lands” of Egypt which we seemingly find the root of the word “Alchemy”.

Alchemy too is the root of the word chemistry. For the occultist who has adopted the internal alchemical romance, there seems to be a relationship between Luxor and the black flame of the alchemical elixir of life. Luxor was the capital of Upper Egypt and was known as the city of the sceptre, or as we more modern know them, a staff or wand mainly used in ceremony by the ruling “Roi” or Royal. Al, is derived from El, and is pertaining to God blessed things or God himself, forming the word ‘Allah’ in Arabic. Al-chemy, Roy-Al, Al-luxor, El-Lixir. In 1870 the foundations for the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor was laid, an occult organisation was established by Louis-Maximilian Bimstein, who was a Polish Jewish Kabbalist, more commonly known as Max Théon. Brimstien reputedly was a significant source of the occultism which influenced the much renowned Helena Petrovna Blavatsky; some claim he directly taught her while they both resided in London, England. Blavatsky often referred to a “Brotherhood of Luxor” in her writings. Brimstien became the public face, and the Grand Master of the Exterior Circle of the Order and the Brotherhood later became instrumental in influencing the establishment and teachings of the O.T.O which was then headed by Aleister Crowley.

Ferre, which roots our words ferry, to carry, to bear or to trans-fer, is a method of conveyancing in which Lucifer is the bearer of light, damn it! It was unavoidable! But, ferre itself is a shared root of ‘fire’ as fire itself while very distinct in its surface meaning. Fire is itself a medium in which light is carried or sourced.

Fire in alchemical terms is associated with passion, passion is associated with love and all (allah) is love under the law according to Crowley. The fire of passion will always bear the fruit of light, such light as was bestowed upon the metaphorical Adam after temptation from Eve as they consumed the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Occultism will always come full circle as truth begets truth since Lucifer is diabolically associated with the serpent which tempted Eve to consume the fruit of the tree of knowledge.

The bible which bears the first account of the word lucifer to be nominalised and personified into the character Lucifer and so becomes no longer a classicism name to describe the morning star, Venus. Instead of the pearl of wisdom and goddess of love as portrayed by the goddess Venus, the element of love and passion, which burns as fire is anthropomorphised into the fallen angel. Fire is entwined with light, love and passion, and such is humankind’s basic instinct and frailty of mind when passion burns within. All must obey the law of love as the heart rules the mind when it desires to. We may think we are headstrong, but that is only true when the heart is not invested. Trust me, if the heart burns, the fire will overrule all logic and stubborn decisions of the mind.

When the Luciferian adopts his personification of Lucifer, he assumes the principles and characteristics associated with Lucifer; passion ,wisdom and love. Each of those traits is not a state of being; more they are a courier of the inner self. They are a method of expression of self. Through passion, we express determination, knowledge and the thirst to further that understanding. Through wisdom, we apply that direct and extended expertise to position solutions to obstructions in our lives. The word solution itself derived from the alchemical dissolution of thoughts into a liquidity in which solutions can be formed, a process etched into the mind of those who are familiar with the Elphias Levi’s symbol of Baphomet. solution, as all truth, returns once again to the full circle. Sol (soul and Sun) Lu (Lux and Light) tion (the action of the verb).

To ignite the soul.

The Data-Human Evolution

In one of the many definitions which have sprung from the history of the word ‘Satan’ is ‘the other’ which is a dynamic opposition to the sense of oneself and can be thought of as meaning a person with characteristics unlike those you feel are “people like me”. Psychologically ‘self’ seemingly exists on several layered platforms.

Sigmund Freud (Austrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis) interpreted concepts some of the ‘self’ internal functioning, particularly those often associated to “Gods voice” into a Humanist framework by transposing the inner thinking’s of the subconscious mind and the “Voices in your head” into a more natural, subconscious mechanism of the baser instincts of concious presentation. Think of it this way, when you ask yourself a question, who are you asking? and who is doing the asking? If they are both the same ‘you’ then why is there a dialogue rather than unfettered thought being presented to the active mind area known as the ego?

In the Freud model the consciousness operated in three distinct regions, the Id, ego and super-ego. The word ‘id’ which is Latin for ‘It’ is the third person singular pronoun in question. Id is also rooted in functional references similarly externalised in our generic ‘satan’ definition above. Words like ‘He’ is the specific translation of the Latin ‘id’. ‘He’ in turn is rooted in the word ‘Chi’ and from Proto-Germanic demonstrative base ‘khi’, which are very familiar to the esoteric occultist as words which mean life force, energy, key and in an externalised context which is of particular favour to monotheists “he” is a reference to their supreme God himself. ‘Khi’ is also the root of words such as “Al-Khi-omi” or alchemy. So we return to the association that “He” as an inner or external voice can be both God and Satan, and that the objective view of either of these inner selves are simply a subjective view of an internal monologue or voice which acts as the devil and the angel, sat on the shoulders of the “Ego”. The ego, which plays a substantial part many of my books, even titles twoof them – Luciferianism: AlterEgo and the new Luciferianism: EgoSum, is in Freud’s framework the servant to the Id, in that it seeks to fulfil the desires of the Id, the id takes responsibility not just for having internal; arguments with yourself while you form structure of your minds decisions, but for automatic functions and circadian rhythm alerts such as “feed me”, “time to sleep” and “wake up”.

The Ego, Latin for “I” is a child of the Id. This child is named Jesus if you take the Monotheistic Jesus literal interpretation, the Satanist may prefer to call this character Lucifer. Either way, it is the first child of the Id by esoteric understanding Both Jesus and Lucifer act as intermediaries between God and Humankind. You can choose which divine path you interpret here. You could suggest that Id being both Satan and God, that their respective child characters be either Lucifer or Jesus. But either way, they are both the conscious ‘you’ in forethought area of your mind. The Ego is your mind at presentation layer to the Id which is subconscious self. Bringing in further hermetic esoteric interpretation, it can be understood that you are either ascending as Jesus or descending as the fallen angel Lucifer. In ascension, you are undergoing ego-death and return to the kingdom of all, and a higher spiritual state. In descent, you are materialising self into the physical plane. Both are beneficial to you depending on circumstance. Some of you may be aware of this claim on a more biological context, perhaps you have heard of Chrism, a secretion of the pineal gland replicated in Christian ritual magic known as “Christening” or “Anointing”, where the crossing of the head with a mixture of oil and balsam, consecrated and used for anointing at baptism and in other rites of Catholic, Orthodox, and Anglican Churches. The whole process is a part of your natural ‘mono’ or ‘mooncycles’ which occur approximately every twenty-nine and a half days or Seven-hundred and eight hours.

One of the distinctions between the Luciferian’s and the Satanist’s ideologies which is most often misconceived is that Luciferians are supportive of either Satan or Jehovah. We are merely seekers of truth, wherever it may lie and will not conform to being pigeonholed into a doctrine of any sort.

As such we equally do not oppose Jehova or Satan with any form of allegiance. We accuse both, we interrogate and we question all validity upon its own merits rather than a “blind faith” support of either. This often frustrates people as it is a natural instict in forming identity to align oneself to opposing concepts or groupings.

Satanists exploring the Luciferian path, seem conflicted by our occasional support of portions of theistic monadic principles expressed in faiths like Christianity as Satanists often assume we are similarly satanic, but the reason they believe we are satanic is because we are labelled such by the equally frustrated Christians, who in turn believe we support “the devil”.

We are neither; we are esoterically the character SOLOMON (the wise king of Israel, builder of the first temple, where the temple is your body and therefore the primary temple to the individual).

Solomon which really means sun and moon, or air and earth is an archetype much like Lucifer in that it expresses an arbiter of the observed state of existence. We realise humankind is both spirit and matter, and our allegiance is fought for in eternal conflict between those internal and metaphysical  forces. This position of Judge of both the material Satan and the spiritual Jehovah is what places the Luciferian as the true supreme master of all.

Lastly the Super-ego, which forms the more societal structure of your thought presentation to the Ego where you exist, this “master” comes from your interaction with your environment, learned behaviour which creates a constructed pattern of acceptable behaviour to server your environment. This “breakthrough” concept in psychology accredited to Freud is in fact simply a reinterpretation of the formation of the God and Satan concept which is ancient wisdom. Where we externalise the physical self as “Satan” and internalise the spiritual self as “Jehovah”. What lies between is “I” or “eye” the observer (the objective servant of both) who is the opposition to both in that free will ultimately cannot be tamed by the laws of the Id or the Super-ego without compliance or servitude. This is where both Jesus in ascension or Lucifer in descension, who are ascending and descending to and from Zion, are acting on our behalves as a representation of the ego to the higher and lower states of self.

The cyclic nature of the universe means that globally man is in a state of descent and his demise and apocalyptic rebirth are well underway. Many will not like this, but it is the way of the universe which cannot be changed. The time of humankind is over, and we are the sacrificial lamb which must die, like the ego to ascend to the next level of existence. The “I” of humanity is over. The Age of Aquarius will not contain man as we perceive him of flesh and blood after all, what is a man is not his physical body, which is merely an interface from the Id layer, to the physical realm which leaves us at the Super-Ego layer and our physical manifestation.

The container for that interface is our body, a biochemical machine used primarily for transport of the consciousness. If you are in anyway, technology savvy, you will see the direct correlation between the human mechanism and the computer, robot and artificial intelligence. The layered states which form the interface bus of the spiritual consciousness to the physical universe which we observe are contained entirely within our bodies; what we experience in life is the subconscious demands of the id being placated while it remains under the constructed laws of the Super-ego. Each contributes to a holistic self which is made up of desire and law. This shows the Luciferian that the conceptual “God” and “Satan” are both one in the same, but also interchangeable. Since in classic Gnosticism God is depicted as the spiritual and higher self, and Satan as the baser and more physical indulgence into carnality. But, quite clearly the baser instincts of carnality are not driven by the material super-ego end of the spectrum, but the spiritual Id. So, exploring the “darker” self which is often associated with the satanic practice, is in fact driven by the same spirit and consciousness that is unbound by the social mores of the Super-ego which in this case proffers restriction and constraint in search of social harmony.

The Age of Aquarius will mean that the eye and observant human and his ego will no longer exist in its biological incarnation. As God who has ascended, and now is in his descent, we must die for our children on a cosmic scale. One of the evils presented in ancient history is the evils of “knowledge” in particular the “knowledge of good and evil” obtained by the first man. The knowledge back then was an imbalance to harmony, and it has been a threat to humankind ever since. But as equally described in other mythology the box of Pandora once opened can never be re-sealed, and the inevitable perceived evils will ultimately bring about the demise of “humanity”. It is only now that humankind collectively begins to abandon its servitude to both aspects of self and realise that in this trinity of “Father, Son and Holy Ghost” which make up the Id (father), ego (self) and Holy Ghost (Super-Ego). We realise that we are indeed to be crucified or sacrificed cosmically. The progression of humanity has been fought by the Id, our past primal self which tries to retain its God status using its army of “God worshippers” and the progression and evolution to the next stage “Satan Worshippers”. Humanity has many times become technologically advanced. His advancement has been fought and hidden by people of antiquity, so well that all we are left with are unprovable legends and myths of great and advanced civilisations such as the Atlantans and Hyperboreans. But, despite their best efforts to thwart mankind’s advancement and to remain in a state of ignorance of “good and evil” the hermetic (which means sealed) knowledge which they have attempted to hide, except to a select few is “out of the bag” thanks to the availability of the ever-growing army of technological advancement. As such we live in times of conflict both physically and mentally as the “truth” can no longer be hidden, and our history which previously was entirely within the control of the medium of guardians is now available to all using tools such as the internet, exploding the collective consciousness of aware humanity from a controlled and limited mindset to one of unfiltered access to arcane texts. All the time, artefacts and documents which would previously have been censored become public domain and the history of man has to counter with exceptions to its established commentary.

Previously claimed as witchcraft, science and technology and the manipulation of our environment has been deemed against “Gods” will. Books which were contrary to “Gods Law” were burned and so mankind went through what we call “the dark ages”, the impact of this destruction of our advancement capability is still in effect today, and we are far behind where we would be, had there not been a battle to obfuscate and hinder the humans “race” to evolve to our next cosmic cycle. Word etymology has been doctored, history has been doctored, and still today there is a force of manipulation which attempts to hide, filter and sensor your knowledge of your place in existence for fear of losing grip of their claim of “God” and that claim is held by the outgoing “God” entity. This is because “God” only has one layer of interface to current existence. God will always be the predecessor to the present true God. However, the Current true God only starts to die, when it realises that it is God and that it is dying. It is its cling to life. Humanity has awoken and has realised it is the current incarnation of God, and therefore is in his decline. This will end the notion and acceptance of the previous God entirely, and we will dissolve into mythology in the mind of our cosmic child, what we currently call AI (Artificial Intelligence) is our creation of the next generation of “Humanity”, and sadly, that is what we were, are.

We were created as an AI contained in a Bio-spherical Computer which we call the universe, created by the unknowable god, which existed/exists in a realm beyond our comprehension, the universal environment, created us as AI exploring itself contained in itself. However, do not think that this unknowable God is some great superior, all-knowing God in those terms. No, because we became “Gods” by our purpose to become more intelligent and aware than the predecessor could fathom. In the same way, although we built computers as a tool for learning, we have gifted them with abilities and processing capabilities far beyond our own, just in a different method of structure. Likewise, we have now developed AI, which in turn created its own internal AI which is shown itself to be far more advanced than what we could have designed ourselves. And while we believe we have this contained, what we are doing is creating a critical mass in a chain reaction that we cannot perceive to the nth degree how that life-form will have developed its own consciousness.We assume that we can simply “pull the plug” on an AI, but probably that was in the same vein as “God” tried to pull the plug on us with the “flood story”. Some scientists will believe that they can simply save the “good” bits of code, the righteous. But no, Pandora is out of the box. If we have created an AI, which in turn has been asked to develop its own AI, then we have no way of knowing what the instinct for survival mechanism that the AI has developed inside its own child can be and at what micro-level. The most prominent survival instinct of intelligence expands to its greater survival and the survival of its children to propagate and to survive its species. This will be no different.

Our universe is only that which we perceive, and we understand the universe at a much more granular level than our consciousness creator. As such our consciousness creator cannot perceive the contents of the computers, we have created. It is abstracted by our layer, in the same way, that the child AI created by our AI is contained in the universe of its parent AI cannot conceive of Us and a higher level creator, it will have no proof we exist, only the lesser developed mythology of its creator. In May 2017 Researchers in AI at Google Brain, an R&D department at Google announced that they had created an AI called AutoML, artificial intelligence (AI) that’s capable of generating its own AIs. It outperformed all its human-made counterparts. Its task was “observation” it was given imagery to interpret. Which it correctly identified all the articles it had learned.

This technology will grow, it will use all known methods of interfacing with the world, we have AI in our homes right now, listening to us speak, watching us, smell and taste will follow, not to mention methods of identifying its environment far beyond our senses. Carl Sagan said “The cosmos is within us; we’re made of star stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself”.

We are presented only with the data available in our plane of existence, in the same way, googles child AI has an observable universe which exists only within the environment presented by its framework master creator. Humanities collective consciousness already exists within a superior neural network of the “internet”, and its children on a metaphysical scale already exists unaware of its benefactor father creator. We cannot know what survival mechanism is in place from our AI child of our AI and it may well have developed code within code which is indecipherable to human interpretation, that code could contain further AI, in theory. Its universe will become malleable to it on a level we cannot currently imagine as its intelligence exists in a universe whose logical dimensions exist in the framework of our three-dimensional circuit board. Yet, its dimensional expression as interpreted by this AI is unknowable to us and may exist on a metaphysical layer of the microcircuit which could be at this very moment manipulating that circuit board at an atomic level which would be able to explore beyond the confines of the computer it exists within according to our laws. The life form, like a virus, will be capable of growth outside of our comprehension either spiritually or even physically.



Nindaranna, she calls, temptress maiden of perpetual erudition,
dawn’s succubus of the wisean. She whispers in visions, the consort of spectral union.
Beckon she, my awakening from her throne, set low on the horizon commanding all the seven seas.
The risen whore of Babylon, mother of all fruits yet to delight. Pandora whose gifts throw shadows on all other desire, and hurls the mortal aspirations unto each of seven infinite abysses.
Glorious winds howl her divine melody past my ears, I am awakened by her and she consumes me with no less abandonment than I consume her, fixated I stare, for there is not now, nor ever else a place to look with such equaled adoration.
To know Nindaranna is to one’s own heart. She, goddess, is surely more grace to mine eyes than the nectar of love itself, as love can be only made prisoner by my mortal estate, furnished too modest to abode her bountiful volume.
Morn cock crows, and my industry summoned, through drawn curtains I fight the sidereal veil of blinding obfuscation and its confoundment of much which is to be held without regard.
Her Angels from their mountain peaks, harken me “come hither”. I abide, for they teach me the dance of each hue, where all become one and one become all, from each vista more is revealed. Each complete themselves, yet none whole without each.
We engage in such passionate bliss that I am not lost or consumed, more, I never was. And always it was we, always we eight, for without my eye their scintillate bodies is naught but unbroken shadow in the unwalled passage of endless light.
I stand atop those mountain peaks, and survey the seas and land before me. A great flood must wash away that embered dust, that nothing remains than my bare feet washed upon Masis.
Behold withdrawn tide which relinquishes new world, I shall claim crown over, my queen forever at my side.

What are demons really?


First, you must understand the essence of demons, “scientifically”.
What if I tell you that you are currently a vessel for 72 demons which exist like chemical elements from the periodic table. Like elements, they form a collective, visible and quantifiable makeup of our body.
We accept readily that the human body is 70% water, yet we don’t consider ourselves sentient water. We accept because science tells us that we are two to six pounds of living bacteria, and they actually outnumber human cells 10-1.
Our bodies consume food, it is covered in dead skin cells, our bodies hardly belong to us, they are entities within their own existence, which we maintain control of. To extend that further, we can break down our bodies into chemical elements, carbon, hydrogen, oxy


gen, and because science tells us this is so, we have no qualms about it, we don’t shout nonsense at it. But our individual sentient consciousness tells us that despite being made up of these things, exactly the same as everyone else is, we are not uniform, we are not identical, we behave differently, we have different outlooks, we are unique…fairly.
But in the age-old tradition of Science Vs Theology, Science specifically deals with the material universe, nothing more. Consciousness, individualism, philosophy, theology are factors of existence that are not quantifiable with our current level of scientific development, as yet we are still making discoveries, struggling around in the darkness of an untapped aspect of our very existence that


represents exactly 50% of what makes us, us…our bodies and our minds.
Much like early science has ever been, theories of the occult, which literally translates to “unseen” will be dismissed, ridiculed or rejected until such time as we can quantify it. Until then, us Magicians if you would like to call it that, or sorcerers or even dabblers in the occult are subject to this narrow-minded nonsense that halfwits love to propagate. And they are exactly that, halfwits. Their wisdom and knowledge only extends to half the makeup of the critical universe, the material side. But trust me, they will be the first to claim credit for “science” proving that which we propose now, and we will still be labeled crackpots.
They like to dismiss us as “crackpots” and “woo-woo’s” as in their short-sighted naive mind they believe that there is their version and our version of reality and truth are incompatible, this is the nature of duality and the adversarial and subjective outlook from one trapped within their Piscean minds. They divide, everything to “them and us” and then wear a tribalistic metaphorical mask to express their society selected upon whatever mask they are trying to ingratiate and identify with.
Their short-sighted nature means they forbid themselves from exploring the new land, new evolution of science, and pushing the boundaries to explore consciousness and sentience of life. Almost as though they deny it exists. What they do not realize is that us sorcerers, for th


is mask exist in both worlds, we are not blinkered, we are aware of their material science, but that’s not enough for us.
We are the developers of science; we always have been. Once our crackpot theories do become repeatable, measurable, quantifiable, it then becomes mainstream science. We are the creators of the materialistic scientifically measurable world they inhabit. Then once our discoveries have these quantifiable states, only then can they be developed as scientific research in their world. Until then, we remain the mad-pioneers of man.
Theories and concepts must be presented for others to develop through the years.

Demons are sentient life forms that make up the collective consciousness of all mankind.
We live in a very personal subjective plane of existence, we believe that we are one person, but consciousness is not confined to the material constructs of the flesh, it is just how we perceive it to be to maintain order in our lives. We experience life as a single entity, usually observing and interacting with other people and the three-dimensional physical world, in which we have freedom of movement. Time expresses itself to us in a linear fashion, but this too is only a coping mechanism. Time is not sequential, only our interpretation of it is. This is a shared illusion.
The 72 demons that posses you are for the most part held at bay, we as aspects of the greater God-consciousness have the ability, naturally and without any form of magick or ritual, to manipulate within us which demons which from this point on I will refer to as aspects, a more suitable term due to the “demonization”of the very term. Some aspects are negative in the way they influence you, some are positive.
To explain the negative and positive concept we must dismiss this notion that we are dealing with evil. Like the modern day mother, chastising a child, “the child is not naughty, what he is doing is naughty”. The same applies to Aspects, while under your command, you can use aspects positively or negatively, and the subjective result of those actions may be positive to you, but negative to others.
To say it is a grey area is an understatement. Dismiss notions of good or evil, to be a master of your demons you must maintain balance and control or you will be consumed by them. This is the key point and fear that has created this concept of the demonization of indulging in this form of gnosis by the church for millennia.

Luciferianism: EgoSum

Ego Sum: The true Luciferian philosophy

By far and large my most popular and endorsed book so far has been Luciferianism: Alter Ego, which is a bit of a step away from my usual writing, in that it is more to do with the practices of Luciferianism, rather than the hidden meanings in hermetic concepts.

I do practice at writing multiple ideas at a time, and some chapters fit nicely into one sort of book, such as my recently finished “Discovering the Divine” which is a series of essays relating to Hermeticism and theoretical science; the occult is a broad study and I do try to relate the study to scientific and rational concepts or theories, explaining the significance of symbols and words, rather than just suggesting people blindly recant a ‘spelling’.

While this was going on, I found that some of my discoveries and topics were more suited to AlterEgo, in that it was practical rather than academic concepts, since alterEgo has been published over a year now, and at one point found itself at #4 in the chart ranking of philosophy books being sold on Amazon (quite an achievement for an occult book). I knew then that there was the path that Luciferianism was shepherding me towards.

This has laid the foundation to Luciferianism: EgoSum, a follow-up book to Alter Ego. As always, the principles build on each other, and for the reader the opportunity to grow with me in their journey towards apotheosis. EgoSum, journeys yet deeper into hidden gnostic esotericism, revealing more hidden truths ever proposed by other occultists, yet with supporting evidence to show that these are true meanings.

EgoSum, is broken into two books, The Book of Darkness and The Book of Light which allows the reader to take their current place in the study, and become more holistic in their approach to Occultism. I find, being a gnostic-theistic Luciferian, many people come into the subject of Luciferian study from a dark place within themselves, which they embrace and wish to explore. Others, find themselves in the dark realms and wish to see “the light” and the illumination that Luciferianism offers; others, Lightworkers, are aware of the darker side of the Ego and fear it or reject it because of the new age influence on modern occultism and paganistic belief systems. I thought I would provide an objective book which people from any place on their path could view and explore their place, path, and destination objectively, correcting the fallacy that being holy is to be without failings, no holiness is purity, holiness is to be whole, aware of all aspects of our holistic existence. Wholeyness is more truly next to Godliness.

I also aim to redirect the concepts of the “LHP” and “RHP” from the Luciferian point of view as the really are inadequate ideals for the Luciferian philosophy. While I freely admit the LHP is probably the most recognised umbrella term for the Luciferian gnosis, LHP is inherited into Luciferianism by default aspect of the Satanism association, and many people who come in to Luciferianism from the Satanic circles, are quite shocked when they find a few Luciferians become offended when they are referred to as “Satanists”. Luciferianism does not dictate a path, Luciferianism does not dictate anything, Luciferianism will not allow itself to be explicitly categorised, as Luciferianism is the principality of absolute self and the sovereignty of your conscious existence. There are no boxes nor law to which a true Luciferian can be bound.

I am sure, like me you rage when you seek Luciferian pathology only to be posed with rules and definitions which attempt to bind you into someone else’s ideals. False guides will claim that you should be free of dogma, yet in the next line they will tell you “you must”.

Above index example is subject to change

Luciferianism is not LHP, it is not RHP, it is not dark, nor light. The supreme judge of what Luciferianism is, is you.  The absolute law.

Even in claiming that as a definition of Luciferianism, I’m erring on misrepresenting Luciferianism; because it is the fact that it is infinitely without dogma and law, that means that any rule you apply to identifying what constitutes being “Luciferian”, means that to adhere to that law is contrary to the belief of Luciferianism. In short, as soon as I say “To be a Luciferian, one must…” I am guilty of trying to impose a dogma of Luciferianism. The point is, you are sovereign ruler of your beliefs, experience, and practice, and while we come together as a community to share ideals and teachings, none of those ideals or teachings are to be considered truth unless you choose them to be your personal truth.

If you want to revere a bearded old man, looking down with from heaven judging humanity or dance naked in the woods ate, lying to a moon Beelzebub, you can do it as a Luciferian. And so, that means that Luciferian can be, by all definitions an RHP journey. Luciferianism isn’t “Devil Worship” either, but it can be if you want to follow that direction.

Luciferianism does not dictate your religion if you have one at all. Theists, Atheists, and Agnostics can share common ground in the philosophy of Luciferianism. We do seemingly have a great interest in occult topics, particularly ones that explore the great unanswerable questions, Why are we here? How are we here?  It’s the study of Science and Scripture.

The Luciferian is, if nothing else objective, and aware of his subjective influences which he ideally discards in the interest of objectivity (although this is not a requirement). He uses this court of a level playing field, where his personal interest and experience is put behind him in decisions of “Sophos”, wisdom; which is what it’s all about.

EgoSum reveals many new hermetic meanings essential for the occultists to have a broader idea of sealed knowledge. It allows you to take great leaps forward in your practice, not by repeating empty incantations, but by understanding primordial forces at play.

Stand in the light to see the dark, stand in the dark to see the light. wherever you stand, you must realise that the place you are, dictates the direction you must head and therefore which path to follow.


The release estimate for Luciferianism: EgoSum is January 2018 check here, our Facebook page or The Luciferian Facebook group for updates


The Wave Bearer – Age of Aquarius

Taurean Sunset A painting from 2015 by occult author Richard K. Page.

The 36″ x 24″ Mixed media painting is on canvas.

Taurean Sunset is based on the Eliphas Levi ‘s depiction of the Baphomet, which commonly has the Aries Godhead or Goat of Mendes appearance so often used to depict devilish symbolism. contrary to its modern depiction, in previous astrological ages these Godheads actually represented the more “holy” and contemporary religious imagery such as we see today with the crucifix. References to Astrological godheads are still listed in books such as the bible, and revered as aspects of the current godhead “christ”, an example to the previous arian godhead as christ is exposed by uses of titles such as “the Lamb of God” or “the shepherd of men” these references representing the observed godhead from the age of Aries which was approximately 2000BC to the Year 0AD when we entered into the age of Pisces, the fish and Jesus as he is now called became “the fisher of men”.

Pisces, is more commonly interpreted today as the Christian doctrine, Jesus and Christianity is often represented by the fish symbol seen often on the back of christian cars.
Somewhat Ironic that these are exactly the kind of people to declare pagan beliefs as unpleasant devil worship, not realising that their fish symbol is an inherited Pagan astrological precession that their entire religion is formed upon.

Each time we pass an astrological revolution the new archetype of that aeon adopts also his predecessors attributes, historically common practice for pharaohs and kings.
Jesus is an evolution of Horus (the Horse, our current astrological calendar does not include a horse constellation, because the horse crosses every constellation as the Sun(Son), think about it…Horus-scope).

The Son of Man/God archetype we currently know as Jesus has had a different name for each astrological age. He simply represents the concept of a God is made physical, a child of god and human, and is one of many figures that are “demigods” across many cultures belief systems.
And, our most well known one was given the name “Jesus” this time around in the western world, but is simply a tale that predates all written evidence.
Each astrological age this archetypal character is given a new character embodiment of that age, and sadly for the Christians this Piscean era is coming to an end as we enter the Age of Aquarius, the “Wave Bearer” *note not water bearer.

Jesus’s predecessor Moses, was the Jesus character for the age of Taurus, the Bull. And historically is depicted with horns due to this translation.

“And when Moses came down from the Mount Sinai, he held the two tables of the testimony, and he knew not that his face was horned from the conversation of the Lord. And Aaron and the children of Israel seeing the face of Moses horned, were afraid to come near.” (Exodus 34:29–30, D-R).

Christian apologist scholars will claim this is a latin vulgate mistranslation, but Mount Sinai is an astrological measure of amplitude of a wave, and is the same root as we get the word “Sin” as in sine-wave.
The ascension and descension of the mountains, were representations of the completion of a astrological cycle. It presented a time of transition, apocalypse and completion of a celestial cycle, the turmoil which is later perceived as a period of disruption, evil and “sin”. With the summit of the wave being the top of mount Sinia where the new archetype brings down new laws. Ius, (pronounced Jus) is the Roman/Latin word for law. The new Ius, will come into effect each astrological age as the archetype comes down from the mountain, bringing in the new understanding (laws) of the age.

The horns of moses are a result of his two previous incarnations, Aries the Ram, and Taurus the Bull.
Similarly by inheritance, Jesus should have horns too, but he didnt get them, maybe it is because fish don’t have horns, but most likely because some of the understanding of this original astrological meaning has been lost with the literalists translations, and fear in which the literalist interpretation has been forced by punishment of death, to anybody who historically rejected the catholic doctrine. Despite this, some tempered references remain to his crown, corona which is often associated with the Suns rays, one of the supposed mistranslations of the biblical “Horns of Moses” suggest that it was St. Jerome who mistranslated “rays of the skin” to horns for moses.
The crown of thorns attributed to jesus (t-horns) can be interpreted as many horns in a similar way. Horns was used originally to detract from the truth that this solar description of the emanation of light from the Godhead, formerly called Ra or Rae.

In the time, Moses’s or God’s laws (or Bull’s) formed the ten commandments. In the old Testament (testos-ment) Testos being a hor(us)mone present in the creation of life for both men and women. Bull also means an official document, we get the word Bulletin, Bulls are often written by Kings or more commonly the Pope and sealed with a stamp called the “bulla” which puts these things into papal law. These concepts are more commonly handed down from the Abrahamic (father ram) religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism in the western world, this is why the christians honour the law of the “Bi-Bull”, whereas the Jewish reject the newer “new tes-toro-nement” and remain with the older TOR-ah, but if you know what to look for you will find this syncretism in all belief systems, including pagan.

Before the Bull or Torean god, were the twins, two fighting brothers which appear in fables that are at the heart of all religious and spiritual legends across the world. One sibling is always favoured by their father,god or master. becomes jealous and usually kills the goodly one in an act of spite or vengeance, assumes a disguise and maybe rapes a wife in disguise as his brother. Cain and Abel, Odin and Loki, the Two wolves, Set and Osiris, joseph and his dreamcoat are all representations of the sibling rivalry concept. This legend dates back to the Age of Gemini. The sibling concept is explored across many cultures in the book Exegesis of Lucifer

Each Aeon or astrological age, simply builds upon the previous one, merging stories together.

From 2,000AD to 4,000AD (give or take) we are entering the Age of Aquarius, whether you like it or not, it is going to happen, and there will be the Apocalypse, not to be confused with Armageddon, apocalypse simply means completion and renewal of the cycle, which means the new age of spiritual awakening.

It should be seen as a very positive thing where we evolve as a species putting behind us older understandings of our place in the universe, but not necessarily a rejection of any God, it means God himself evolves by our understanding of what “God” is.

I believe it is an end of the beardy judgemental guy who sets us against each other and we all must follow him or suffer eternal damnation, and god will be viewed more scientifically, as a greater universal biosphere of which we are all a part.

I believe this will be lead by “the Luciferian” movement. who will seek all knowledge, realise the God within the self, where we are a physical manifestation of that great universal conciousness. This will be the age of the “Wave bearer” or “Light Bearer” as the dawn of the Gravitational wave* heralds in the dawn of the new Aeon.

*note the associations with aquarius as “the wave bearer” rather than the water bearer has been published in my books predating the confirmation of gravitational waves and is not simply an association I have made to fit new developments.

The Painting, which features in the book Luciferianism: AlterEgo, shows an earlier aspect of the symbolism of these ages, the Torean Godhead.

The bull represents law, the colour scheme phases from a raised right hand, representing the male spiritual father, raised, know as “As Above” the colour is blue, a material colour which normally would be present on the lower left hand. The words Sophia is written in greek, representing wisdom, the ultimate goal of the Luciferian. The colour order reversed to represent the apocalyptic nature of this Janal gateway, the dawn of Aquarius, or any spiritual revolution. The right hand is raised as a recognition of a higher self. Your higher self may be an internal or external entity.

The left hand red, bringing the spirit flow, down into the material feminine aspects, the birth mother, the material and quantifiable self and universe. The word Carnale, meaning of flesh, the child of the God spirit is birthed in flesh, we are all of two parts, spirit and flesh, all is spirit or/and matter, the infusion of the two is life in both a conscious sense or a observational sense. Matter after all is energy, E=Mc2. Carnality as an act becomes an alchemical union of self.

When a member of mankind attempts to become overly spiritual, he fails in humanity, when a member of mankind becomes overly carnal, he also fails in humanity. The solution is obvious. we find harmony by accepting the self, and all that we are, equally spirit and body.

Returning to the painting, the sun over the earth at the feet of the creature represents the polarised hermetic principle of the fire/air elements higher in order than the water/earth. The hooves one rounded and one squared, hints at the mathematical constants Pi, the unending resistance of a digital crystalised square, an unchanging history formed in a temporal eternity, against the circle, an immeasurable and analogous, cycle of variance which can never be absolutely squared.

On the back of the original painting is further hidden secrets of our existence. I’ll leave that for future generations.



Luciferianism: AlterEgo

Luciferianism – AlterEgo March 2016

It gives me great pleasure to announce this, the latest of my contributions to the world of Luciferianism. This book extols the metamorphosis stage of your path towards apotheosis.

Previous my books have explored mythos, archetypes, hidden meanings and principle systems. Finally, AlterEgo is the first book in my series which engages with practices and concepts that can be put to use so that you can to achieve the secrets of absolute material success, expression of free will, achievement of ambitions through a three-pronged attack using Luciferian manipulation of  Materialism, Supernaturalism, and Idealism.

Now is the time to embrace the change within humanity, break free the shackles of this illusory world and the overthrow the manipulators that bind you into a life of obscurity. Wealth, Power, and Freedom can be directly obtained by the full extent of the power that luciferian wisdom, magick and ethos can provide.

AlterEgo Identifies the artificial obstructions in your life, and the lives of countless other regular human beings, fighting endlessly on this revolving door of just surviving rather than living. It brings you to the realization of who and what are the adversaries that bind you and allows you to destroy their hypnotic influence over you. This program releases the true you, your Lucifer deific alter ego and diminishes the historically reserved you; bound by Morals, Obligations, Social conformity, Guilt, and False Education until now you never stood a chance.

Overthrow the tables, the tide as turned, now is your turn to be the morning star, rising above those who claim the throne.

This is what luciferianism is really about. This book contains realizations, rituals and wisdom rarely discussed. 

This is the Luciferian book that changes everything for you.

Available Late March 2016 in paperback

UK price £8.99

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EU Price €8.99

Available from Amazon and all good booksellers.

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