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Hello Visitor,

You have found my blog of esoteric and Gnostic Luciferianism. And I suppose my books in general. You can get a taster of the kind of stuff I write by reading some of the articles on the right. It is all about unveiling what our ancestors meant when they wrote their historic texts which form the belief systems we have today.

I am very active in the social media community and I find that quite often the simple questions we find in public forums need lengthy explanations. In an effort to save me rewriting these concepts over and over again in my efforts to explain them to the occultist who has the initiative to ask the question, by simply writing it once in a blog, I can link my complex answers into a short thread.

Many of the Articles you find here will be with that intent, but others may be simply musings or adverts for my projects.

I am a English born, scholar in the occult, if scholar can ever be attributed to such study. I say this with humility rather than pride as to study the occult always remains a position of being the pupil rather than the teacher. To me, the occult is a subjective experience and you will always be the “expert” on your own subjective experience of it.

I try to write my books in a “no frill” manner, I try not to be one of those people I call “Oogy boogie people” which pretend to allude to a greater understanding than they actually have; people who use an “emperor’s new clothes” method of teaching, imagining that they have some sort of special knowledge that is only for the initiated, which never materialises. Trust me, If I grasp a subject I will not hide it from you and I will explain, in many ways what I understand of it, to ensure it reaches my readers on all levels.